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Wafx Prize: The Latest Architecture and News

X-Space, a Greenway Project in Dubai Wins the Grand WAFX 2019 Prize

Presented to projects that anticipate and address future challenges, the WAFX Award celebrates the “most forward-looking architectural concepts”. X-Space, an urban fabric regeneration project in Dubai, winner of the Smart Cities Category was selected to take on the overall WAFX 2019 prize.

Winners Announced of Inaugural WAFX Prize for World’s Most Forward-Looking Architectural Concepts

The World Architectural Festival has announced the 11 winners of their newest award slate, the WAFX Prize, sponsored by GreenCoat®, celebrating the world’s most forward-looking architecture. The prize is awarded to future projects that address key challenges architects with face over the next 10 years, spanning topics including climate, energy & carbon, water, ageing and health, re-use, smart cities, building technology, cultural identity, ethics, power and justice.