The Whitney Museum of American Art at Gansevoort / Renzo Piano Building Workshop + Cooper Robertson

09:00 - 13 May, 2015
The Whitney Museum of American Art at Gansevoort / Renzo Piano Building Workshop  + Cooper Robertson, © Nic Lehoux
© Nic Lehoux

The Whitney Museum is building itself a new home in downtown Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Due to open in 2015, the project will substantially enlarge the Whitney’s exhibition and programming space, enabling the first comprehensive view of the Museum’s growing collection, which today comprises more than 19,000 works of modern and contemporary American art.

510 Cabin / Hunter Leggitt Studio

20:00 - 30 March, 2015
510 Cabin / Hunter Leggitt Studio, Courtesy of Hunter Leggitt Studio
Courtesy of Hunter Leggitt Studio

In 2011, Hunter Leggitt Studio temporarily relocated from Los Angeles to the high desert near Lake Isabella, CA to design and build a custom, highly crafted, modern cabin. Designed to regularly sleep it’s family of 5, but also be flexible enough to comfortably host a total of 10 guests, the 510 Cabin serves as a tranquil and compact weekend retreat for the client, a busy Santa Monica-based family.

Whitetail Woods Regional Park Camper Cabins / HGA Architects and Engineers

10:00 - 12 March, 2015
Whitetail Woods Regional Park Camper Cabins / HGA Architects and Engineers, © Paul Crosby Photography
© Paul Crosby Photography

Nestled into the hillside of a new regional park within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, three new camper cabins - built by county employees with the aid of high school students in a vocational training program - weave their way into a stand of pine trees. They serve as a key amenity in the first phase of the parks master plan.

Brillhart House / Brillhart Architecture

10:00 - 2 March, 2015
Brillhart House / Brillhart Architecture, Courtesy of Brillhart Architecture
Courtesy of Brillhart Architecture

This 1,500 sf house, which draws upon the American glass pavilion typology, Dog Trot, and principles of Florida Modernism, provides a tropical refuge in Downtown Miami. Elevated 5’ off the ground, the house includes 100 feet of uninterrupted glass – 50 feet spanning the length of the front and rear facades, with four sets of sliding glass doors that allow the house to be entirely open when desired. The house includes 800 sf of outdoor living space, with front and back porches and shuttered doors along the front for added privacy and protection against the elements. These details, and the position of the house, which is at the center of a 330-foot long lot, allow the house to meld seamlessly with the site’s dense and lush native landscaping.

Union Station Bus Deck Pavilions / Studio Twenty Seven Architecture

01:00 - 2 February, 2015
Union Station Bus Deck Pavilions / Studio Twenty Seven Architecture, © Anice Hoachlander
© Anice Hoachlander

In 2012, Union Station became the new central location for intercity bus travel in Washington DC. The new bus transit center is located in the parking garage, removed from the facilities and amenities of the majestic Beaux Arts masterpiece next door. Studio Twenty Seven Architecture was asked to design a solution that would provide amenities to the bus traveler without requiring them to leave the bus deck.

United States Courthouse, Salt Lake City / Thomas Phifer and Partners

01:00 - 19 January, 2015
United States Courthouse, Salt Lake City / Thomas Phifer and Partners, © Scott Frances
© Scott Frances

The design of the new United States Courthouse in Salt Lake City emanates from our search for a form that is strong, iconic, transparent, and metaphorically egalitarian as a symbol of the American judiciary system. The resulting cubic mass of the new courthouse, like the monumental buttes of southern Utah, is just such a primary form, projecting grounded dignity, immovable order, and an equal face to all sides. The 400,000 square foot, 10-story courthouse resides in a garden setting on a level terrace encompassing the entire city block including an existing, historic Federal Courthouse. This garden terrace unites the two courthouses in a public-access amenity for the downtown area of Salt Lake City while establishing a required federal security setback from the street.

Miami Dade College Academic Support Center / Perkins+Will

01:00 - 8 December, 2014
Miami Dade College Academic Support Center / Perkins+Will, © Robin Hill
© Robin Hill

The Miami Dade College Academic Support Center seamlessly unites both learning and administrative functions into a cohesive whole. The 135,000 SF building is located on the eastern entry corridor of the campus. It will centralize all Student Services departments for the more than 120,000 students. The project includes 21 prototypical 930 SF classrooms, a Resource and Testing Center and hovers over a base of admission offices.

Bill & Melinda Gates Hall / Morphosis Architects

01:00 - 10 November, 2014
Bill & Melinda Gates Hall / Morphosis Architects, © Roland Halbe
© Roland Halbe

Neighboring the historic Barton Hall and Hoy Field, Gates Hall re-energizes a previously underutilized campus corner, creating a new campus gateway and frontage. Surfaced in vibrant stainless steel panels, the building’s cantilevered entry canopy covers an outdoor plaza and student social space also defined by native landscaping and sculptural forms. The performative steel skin wraps the exterior façade in an angular weave, shading interior classrooms and creating a continuously dynamic and transformative surface. Advanced digital modeling tools used in designing the pattern, geometry, and details of the skin speak to the profound impact of computing on the arts and sciences.

St Teresa’s Academy Windmoor Center / Gould Evans

01:00 - 30 October, 2014
St Teresa’s Academy Windmoor Center / Gould Evans, © Michael Spillers Photography
© Michael Spillers Photography

This Catholic independent college preparatory school for young women wanted to add a new chapel and academic space on the main campus quadrangle. After surveying students and faculty, a vision for the chapel emerged as a soft, feminine, contemplative space flooded with light and connected to nature. There was a strong desire to connect to the narrative of St. Teresa, the patron saint of lace makers.

Pomona College Studio Art Hall / wHY

01:00 - 30 September, 2014
Pomona College Studio Art Hall / wHY, © Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

At the heart of Pomona College’s mission is to create a balanced, well-rounded education for its graduates. Believing that an exposure to the studio arts is critical within this framework, the 35,000 square foot Studio Art Hall brings art making, art appreciation, and art interaction together under one roof, synergizing many important faces of the school’s esteemed identity as a leading liberal arts college.

Parking Structure Art Facade / Rob Ley Studio

01:00 - 15 August, 2014
Parking Structure Art Facade / Rob Ley Studio, © Serge Hoeltschi
© Serge Hoeltschi

This project began with an interest in challenging the typical notion of the parking structure as an unappreciated infrastructural typology by transforming the new Eskenazi Hospital parking structure into a binary, synthetic terrain. The effect of a field of 7,000 angled metal panels in conjunction with an articulated east/west color strategy creates a dynamic façade system that offers observers a unique visual experience depending on their vantage point and the pace at which they are moving through the site. In this way, pedestrians and slow moving vehicles within close proximity to the hospital will experience a noticeable, dappled shift in color and transparency as they move across the hospital grounds, while motorists driving along W. Michigan Street will experience a faster, gradient color shift which changes depending on their direction of travel.

Novartis Campus / Weiss/Manfredi

01:00 - 6 August, 2014
Novartis Campus / Weiss/Manfredi, Office Building 335. Image © Paul Warchol
Office Building 335. Image © Paul Warchol

Novartis Office Building 335

City of Santa Monica Parking Structure #6 / Behnisch Architekten + Studio Jantzen

01:00 - 30 July, 2014
City of Santa Monica Parking Structure #6 / Behnisch Architekten + Studio Jantzen, © David Matthiessen
© David Matthiessen

The City of Santa Monica (CoSM) Parking Structure #6 in downtown Santa Monica serves several major local and tourist destinations. The public parking structure was completed in December 2013.

The Godfrey Hotel / Valerio Dewalt Train Associates

01:00 - 29 July, 2014
The Godfrey Hotel / Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, © Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing
© Steve Hall/Hedrich Blessing

In early 2004, VDTA was commissioned to design a 16‐story extended stay suites hotel at the corner of Lasalle and Huron Streets in Chicago by the site’s original developer, Duke Miglin. It was his desire to employ a staggered truss structural framing system for the building – something new to Chicago – for its speed and efficiency of erection. Construction began in 2007 but the project fell victim to the economic downtown in 2008, topped out with just the first components of exterior cladding installed. For three years the partially constructed structure sat, a rusting, tarp‐wrapped reminder of the Great Recession, an eyesore on the skyline dubbed “The Mummy” by the neighborhood’s residents.

Framestore LA / DHD Architecture + Interior Design + RAC Design Build

01:00 - 9 July, 2014
Framestore LA / DHD Architecture + Interior Design + RAC Design Build, © Art Gray
© Art Gray

DHD has designed the previous four spaces occupied by Framestore in NYC’s SoHo district. We were asked to design the LA (Helm’s Ave / Culver City) location and collaborate with local architects RAC. While RAC Design Build focused on transforming the building's Tower and Exterior Architecture,  DHD concentrated on Framestore's signature and Interior Architecture.

Wieden+Kennedy NY / WORKac

01:00 - 19 June, 2014
Wieden+Kennedy NY  / WORKac, © Bruce Damonte
© Bruce Damonte

Renowned advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has developed a global reputation for innovative work dating back to their early Nike campaigns in the 1980s. The agency’s Portland headquarters designed by Allied Works cemented Wieden+Kennedy’s position as a patron of architecture and continues to influence the design of their offices around the world.

Bushwick Inlet Park / Kiss + Cathcart

01:00 - 7 May, 2014
Bushwick Inlet Park / Kiss + Cathcart, © Paul Warchol
© Paul Warchol

Bushwick Inlet Park transforms the Brooklyn waterfront from a brownfield industrial strip into a public park. Located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, the design is the first step of an ambitious waterfront redevelopment along the East River. The design team has integrated a program of athletic fields, community facility and a NYC Park maintenance and operation facility into a 6.2-acre park.

Ace Hotel Downtown LA / Commune Design

01:00 - 5 May, 2014
Ace Hotel Downtown LA / Commune Design, © Spencer Lowell
© Spencer Lowell

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles opens in the historic United Artists building in Downtown LA. Built in 1927 for the maverick film studio, the ornate, storied theatre and tower stand as monuments to a group of seminal American artists pushing out on their own, and anchors the Broadway Theater District’s modern renaissance. United Artists co-founder Mary Pickford's love for the ornate detail and stone spires of Spanish castles and cathedrals is manifest at the theatre. It’s a true temple of the arts. The mixture of reverent awe and irreverent independence is right up our alley — this is the kind of project we dream of.