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VenhoevenCS and Ateliers 2/3/4/ Win Competition to Design the Aquatic Center for Paris 2024 Olympics

Dutch architectural office VenhoevenCS with its French partner Ateliers 2/3/4/ have won the competition to design the Aquatics Centre for the Olympics Games of 2024 in Paris. The innovative sports center, connected by a new pedestrian bridge to the existing “Stade de France”, will host competitions for water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming. It will also be transformed into a Boccia stadium during the Paralympics. Designed for multifunctional use, the only building to be built for the Games, will remain for the people in Saint-Denis, after the event.

© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog+ 19

Zaha Hadid Architects Unveils the Xi’an International Football Center, in China

Zaha Hadid Architects has revealed images of the new Xi’an International Football Centre, to be ready by 2023, in time for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. The facility will include a stadium with a 60,000-seat capacity, along with civic, sports, and recreational spaces for the city.

Courtesy of Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCourtesy of Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCourtesy of Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCourtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects+ 7

MAD Designs Proposal for 2024 Paris Olympics’ Aquatic Center

MAD Architects has revealed its design proposal for the Aquatic Centre for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Envisioning the sports facility as an urban public artwork, showcasing the beauty and hope of Paris, the proposal was created in collaboration with three French architectural studios, Jacques Rougerie Architecture, Atelier Phileas Architecture, and Apma Architecture.

UNStudio Creates Winning Master Plan for the Korean National Football Centre in Seoul

UNStudio in collaboration with Johan Cruijff ArenA designed a winning plan for the Korean National Football Centre in Seoul. Focusing on health, wellness, science, technology, education, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the project was selected as the winning design in an international closed competition that took place in March this year.

OMA and LOLA Unveil Images of the New Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam

OMA and LOLA Landscape Architects have revealed their design development for the New Feyenoord Stadium, in Rotterdam. Part of the Feyenoord City master plan, the scheme “has been optimized to ensure on-time and cost-effective delivery, while reinforcing its integrity as a vital iconic building”.

Courtesy of OMA and Beauty & The BitCourtesy of OMA and Beauty & The BitCourtesy of OMA and Beauty & The BitCourtesy of OMA and Beauty & The Bit+ 17

The World's Largest Soccer Stadium Breaks Ground in Guangzhou

On April 16, a ground-breaking ceremony was held in the city of Guangzhou, China, for what is to be the world’s largest soccer stadium. The most controversial aspect of the project was not its $1.7 billion price tag, but its bold lotus shape causing a backlash from the local architectural community but praise from the general public.

Herzog & de Meuron's Design for Chelsea FC Stadium Will Not Move Forward

Originally, set to be completed by 2020, the Herzog & de Meuron £500million stadium for Chelsea Football Club, will not move forward as planning permissions expired. The redevelopment plans, subject to numerous legal challenges throughout the years, are interrupted for now.

Courtesy of Herzog & de MeuronCourtesy of Herzog & de MeuronCourtesy of Herzog & de MeuronCourtesy of Herzog & de Meuron+ 7

Open International Competition for the Development of the Territory Adjacent to the Samara Arena Stadium in Samara, Russia

The Open International Competition for the Development of a Master Plan for the
Territory Adjacent to the Samara Arena (total area: 360 hectares) was announced
on 26 February at the TASS information agency (the major Russian news agency) in Moscow.

This is one of the first projects aimed at converting the sports venues that were built especially for the FIFA World Cup 2018 into hubs for urban development and community, business, and cultural life. The Samara Arena stadium was built especially for the FIFA World Cup that was hosted by Russia in 2018 UEFA rated it as a Category Four stadium, which

Planning Permissions Granted for Zaha Hadid's Timber Stadium in England

The world’s greenest football stadium, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects will be built in Gloucestershire, England after planning permissions were finally granted by the local council.

Parasitic Architecture - Not all parasites are predators.

Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Projections show that urbanization combined with the overall growth of the world’s population could add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas by 2050.
Living in these densely urbanized pockets is not just ridiculously expensive, but also substandard for average and low economic groups. Moreover, the cost of living increases so rapidly that being at the same pace with it becomes almost impossible for most households, resulting in an abysmal quality of life.

A possible solution can be to smartly increase

Salut Paris - Reclaiming the Urban Voids of Paris


Paris, the capital of France has been inhabited since the beginning of 3rd Century BC along the banks of river Seine. It started as the hub of trading center which eventually led to its growth as a metropolis.
By mid-18th Century, it became densely populated with a cityscape that had not changed since the middle ages. Napoleon III hired Hausmann for one of the largest urban transformations. Consequently, he built the first transport network encircling Paris, transforming it from a medieval town to an industrial center of 19th Century.

This railway network, known as Petite Ceinture, initially

Switching Prisons - Rethinking correctional facilities in context of tomorrow


The definition of crime is culturally subjective. This subjectivity used to help us define law and punishment in a more rational manner in the past. Today, this subjectivity placed against pacing time and increasing globalization is not easy to rationalize anymore.

We see this in many walks of life where assets like gold which used to be the driving force of an economy. Where trade and even countries were valued based on how much gold reserves they had in the past. In today’s context, trade depends on technology and the currency here is information. The millions of gigabytes of data that

Paul Goldberger on Ballpark: Baseball in the American City

This article was originally published on Common Edge.

Paul Goldberger has a new book out, released just this week, entitled Ballpark: Baseball in the American City. Taking a page from the Ken Burns playbook, the book looks at a particularly American building type as a lens for looking at the broader culture of cities. Goldberger’s premise is a good one: Ballparks do parallel, to a remarkable degree, trends in American urbanism. They start as an escape from the city, then the city builds up around them. Post–World War II, they escape to the suburbs, then decades later return to the city. Today, privatization of the public realm and real estate development are driving the agenda. Recently I talked with Goldberger about the new book and a whole slew of magical ballparks, both living and long gone.

Zaha Hadid Architects' First 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadium Completed

Construction has been completed on the Al Janoub Stadium, the first stadium commissioned for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and Aecom, and situated in the city of Al Wakrah, the stadium underwent a design process beginning in 2013, and was inaugurated on May 16th 2019.

© Hufton+Crow© Hufton+Crow© Hufton+Crow© Hufton+Crow+ 19

Freehand Stadium Drawings by Mohammad Pirdavari

To anyone enrolled in an architecture school, final year projects tend to be the perfect time to go all in. Whether you go for 3D visualizations or build remarkable models, your final presentation is the chance to display every conceptual and technical skill acquired throughout the years.

For his B.A. Final project, architect Mohammad Pirdavari of Ati-Naghsh Hamraz Consultants, presented his modernist stadium proposal in a series of freehand Airbrush drawings. His intricate graphics helped accentuate the stadiums’ raw material and detailed relationship between the main exposed structure, and the smaller covered one.

© Mohammad Pirdavari© Mohammad Pirdavari© Mohammad Pirdavari© Mohammad Pirdavari+ 31