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7 Examples Where Physical Activities Were the Catalyst Behind A Neighborhood Regeneration

People often gather around sports activities, whether they are the ones exercising or the ones cheering. This internationally recognized social interest brings everyone together seamlessly, regardless of their background, gender, culture, ethnicity and so on.

Urban regeneration can take different aspects, and one of the most prominent and efficient solutions that can reconcile a community with itself and its surroundings is a sports function. In fact, this purpose encourages people to reclaim their fundamental right to public spaces and regenerate demoted, hostile or forgotten areas.

Read on to discover examples from all over the world, where physical activities made an urban impact on the neighborhood and the community.

Snøhetta Creates Peace Bench Sculpture for the UN Headquarters

Commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway, and designed by Snøhetta, the installation entitled The Best Weapon, was first unveiled to the public at the United Nations Headquarters’ Plaza in New York City. This urban peace bench aims to honor “the past Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their efforts to bring people together to find effective solutions for peace”.

© Bjørnar Øvrebø © Bjørnar Øvrebø © Bjørnar Øvrebø © Bjørnar Øvrebø + 9

Snøhetta Develop Master Plan for Ford Motor Company in Michigan

The Master Plan imagined by Snøhetta aims to transform Ford's Research & Engineering center in southeast Michigan. After a process that lasted 2 years, the architecture firm established a project that highlights the Dearborn campus as “Ford’s global epicenter”, ensuring an innovative and vibrant workplace for people.

Snøhetta Completes Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Located in Trondheim, Norway, Powerhouse Brattørkaia, the world’s northernmost energy-positive building, designed by Snøhetta challenges the traditional notions of construction and puts in place new standards for buildings that produce more energy than they consume.


Snøhetta, WCIT, and AECOM Unveil Radical Masterplan for Honolulu

Snøhetta, WCIT, and AECOM have released details of their proposed Neal S. Blaisdell Center Master Plan for Honolulu, Hawaii. Located in the urban heart of O’ahu, the existing 1964 center is home to the state’s premier arts and cultural venues. The aging structure is now set to be transformed by a 22-acre complex for future generations, featuring a performance hall, exhibition hall, sports pavilion, parking structure, and reconceived public space.

© Snøhetta © Snøhetta © Snøhetta © Moare + 15

Snøhetta and Blight Rayner Design New Theater to Create Australia's Largest Performing Arts Center

Design practices Snøhetta and Blight Rayner Architecture have been selected to design a new theater for what will become Australia's largest performing arts center in Brisbane. Beating out 23 other teams, the winning proposal for the Queensland Performing Arts Center features a $150 million theater, the fifth for the center. The concept aims to bring a new image to the Gibson precinct while respecting the site's history and context.

Courtesy of Snøhetta and Blight Rayner Courtesy of Snøhetta and Blight Rayner Courtesy of Snøhetta and Blight Rayner Courtesy of Snøhetta and Blight Rayner + 8

Architect-Designed Furniture Pieces at the 2019 Salone del Mobile

As the week comes to an end, Milan Design Week wraps up yet another successful year of creativity and innovation. Thousands of design companies displayed their creations to more than 200,000 visitors hailing from different countries, demographics, and career backgrounds. Although the design fair gravitated towards the world of interior design, many renowned architects participated in the week-long exhibition and joined their forces with interior and furniture design experts.

Along with the impressive collaborations that these architects created with lighting companies, take a look at how they used their expertise in forms and structures to develop unique furniture pieces.

KOR Armchair and Sofa - William Sawaya x Sawaya & Moroni. Image Courtesy of Sawaya & Moroni Volta Bench - Zaha Hadid x CITCO. Image Courtesy of Molteni&C ALESSANDRO I-II-III - William Sawaya x Sawaya & Moroni. Image Courtesy of Sawaya & Moroni Endless Side Table - Daniel Libeskind x CITCO. Image Courtesy of CITCO + 36

Snøhetta's Shanghai Grand Opera House Evokes the Image of an Unfolding Fan

© MIR and Snøhetta
© MIR and Snøhetta

Snøhetta has been commissioned for the design of the Shanghai Grand Opera House in Shanghai, China, following an international design competition. Aiming to attract a broad audience for traditional, classical, and experimental performances, Snøhetta has developed the architectural, landscape, interior, and graphic design for the sweeping complex in collaboration with Shanghai-based architects ECADI.

© MIR and Snøhetta © MIR and Snøhetta © MIR and Snøhetta © MIR and Snøhetta + 10

Snøhetta Completes Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

Snøhetta has announced the completion of Europe’s first underwater restaurant. Situated in Lindesness, on the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, the “Under” scheme serves as both a restaurant and a research center for marine life. Open to the public on March 20th, the half-sunken scheme forms a 34-meter-long monolithic break in the surface of the water, before resting on the seabed five meters below.

Situated at a point where sea storms from the north and south meet, and where marine species flourish in both briny and brackish waters, the Snøhetta scheme places itself at a unique confluence. Designed to fully integrate its marine environment over time, the scheme’s rough concrete shell will gradually transform into an artificial reef.

© Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge © Ivar Kvaal © Ivar Kvaal © Ivar Kvaal + 18

Snøhetta Designs a New Home for Ötzi the Iceman

Snøhetta has designed a new Museum Quarter for Bolzano, Italy that will be home to Ötzi the Iceman. Sited atop Virgl mountain, the project would overlook the city and connect to the new Bolzano cable car. As an open landmark, the Museum Quarter was made to serve as a terrace for Bolzano. The elevated museum and park will include exhibition and collection space around the iconic 5,300-year old glacier mummy.

Bolzano Museum Quarter. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Bolzano Museum Quarter. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Bolzano Museum Quarter. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Bolzano Museum Quarter. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta + 8

Snøhetta and Heatherwick Design a Timber City for Sidewalk Labs

Sidewalk Labs has released new renderings from Snøhetta and Heatherwick Studio of the Quayside neighborhood development in Toronto. After announcing plans to create a model smart city, Sidewalk Labs has been working to pioneer a new approach to future urban developments. Plans for Quayside were first revealed last summer, designed to be interconnected smart neighborhood for the city. The latest renderings were released with further documents outlining how the company plans to pay for the ground-up development.

Quayside. Image Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio Quayside. Image Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio Quayside. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Quayside. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta + 7

Finissage Exhibition by Ken Schluchtmann with Lecture by Jette Hopp of Snøhetta

The role of architecture is to create strong and sustainable identities for cities and their communities. With well-conceived design, we can help things run more fluidly, improve people’s well-being, and make life more enjoyable. Every project is a unique expression of the ethos of its users, climate, and context. A built environment can be seen as a point of departure: it is where the architecture starts to communicate, the point from where it starts to interact with the public and its users.
Followed by a talk with Jette Hopp of SNØHETTA.

Snøhetta Designs Outdoor Retreats for Norway’s Largest Hospitals

Design practice Snøhetta has created a series of secluded wooden shelters for Norway's largest hospitals. Sited in the forest, the shelters were created on behalf of the Friluftssykehuset Foundation. Designed to make hospitalization easier for patients and their families, the outdoor retreats offer a physical and psychological respite from treatments and the isolation that can follow long-term hospitalization.

Outdoor Care Retreat. Image © Ivar Kvaal Outdoor Care Retreat. Image © Ivar Kvaal Outdoor Care Retreat. Image © Ivar Kvaal Outdoor Care Retreat. Image © Ivar Kvaal + 9

Snøhetta Designs New Danube River District for Budapest

Snøhetta has won the competition to create a new neighborhood connected to the Danube River in Budapest. The brief asked for innovative proposals for 12,000 students along with educational, recreational and sports facilities. The South Gate masterplan for the 135-hectare site in the Hungarian capital focuses on urban relations and connects the new city quarter to the water to create a strong identity. Aspiring to create a lively, diverse and colorful new urban quarter, the project aims to create a lively waterfront for the people of Budapest.

Will Snøhetta's Redesign Calm the Outcry From Its Original Controversial Proposal?

Labeled as "vandalism" and "murder" of an icon of postmodernism, Oslo-based firm Snøhetta's redesign proposal for Phillip Johnson and John Burgee's AT&T Headquarters was received with instantaneous backlash across the architectural community last year. Architect Robert A. M. Stern, marched alongside a protest outside 550 Madison Avenue, and even critic Norman Foster, who never claimed to have any sympathy for the postmodern movement, still vocalized his sentiments that "[the building] is an important part of our heritage and should be respected as such."

A rejection of the bland and cold functionality of Midtown's crystal skyscrapers, the AT&T building was intended to encourage a more playful approach architecture in the corporate world; the crazy socks beneath a three-piece suit. It was not without controversy. Upon its completion, the building was derided for its decorative and outsized pediment and occasionally dark interior spaces. Indeed, the building's arched entry spaces were among the only architectural elements to be met with praise from both critics and the public. 

Courtesy of LMNB & Snøhetta Courtesy of LMNB & Snøhetta Courtesy of LMNB & Snøhetta Courtesy of LMNB & Snøhetta + 6

Snøhetta to Renovate Avant-Garde Theater in Nanterre, France with Dynamic Extension

Snøhetta has been announced as the winner of a design competition for the renovation of the avant-gardist Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers in Nanterre, France. The renovation seeks to breathe new life into the 1960s theater, known for its high-quality performances and global collaborations.

The renovations will include the addition of a 200-seat theater, and the reconfiguration of the building’s restaurant, bookshop, and atrium space, with an emphasis on flexibility and natural light.

Snøhetta Selected to Design El Paso Children's Museum

Snøhetta has been selected to design the El Paso Children’s Museum in the city’s Downtown Arts District. The team proposed a vaulted museum lifted of the ground, a design made to preserve public space and an interactive garden below. Snøhetta was one of three finalists alongside Koning Eizenberg Architecture and TEN Arquitectos, each invited to submit concepts for the museum. The Children’s Museum aims to welcome and engage children and families from El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, the American southwest, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

Snøhetta Designs Rotating Book Pavilion for the 2018 London Design Festival

Celebrating Paddington Central’s first year as a Design Route at the London Design Festival, the design practice Snøhetta created a rotating book pavilion for British Land. Snøhetta wanted to create a project that would reimagine the traditional principles of a library through a mechanized pavilion that generates varied spatial types. Designed for visitors to immerse themselves into a world of books, the pavilion encourages exploration, interaction and reflection.

Book Pavilion. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Book Pavilion. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Book Pavilion. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta Book Pavilion. Image Courtesy of Snøhetta + 9