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Sketching Competition Seeks Compositions of Just 5 Lines

Earlier this year, ArchDaily shared five of our favorite daily newsletters. DailyDose—a neatly curated daily injection of spaces and design to your inbox, selected from an ever expanding body of architects, designers, and practitioners—was one such. In advance of their 1000th milestone, they have launched an open drawing competition, the results of which will be shared on the anniversary issue.

5 Daily Newsletters To Help You Power Through Your Architecture Job

How do you start your day? Chances are that between opening your eyes, getting out of bed, heading for a cup of coffee and brushing your teeth, you're part of the majority of people who check their email within 15 minutes of the alarm clock sounding. It's a pretty intense way to begin the day, so we thought we'd share some daily email newsletters that lift our spirits, make us wiser, and give us the positive energy needed to tackle a long day's work. The best part is that you never stop learning.