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Long Island Cinema Competition / Afsarmanesh Architects

17:00 - 23 May, 2011
Courtesy Afsarmanesh Architects
Courtesy Afsarmanesh Architects

Afsarmanesh Architects has recently won the suckerPUNCH Long Island Cinema Competition with their unique design process and approach of the theoretical. Further images and a brief breakdown of their design process can be viewed after the break. Additionally, you find a brief interview of the architects at their winning entry domain on suckerPUNCH.

Streetfest Tent Design Competition Winners

12:00 - 6 May, 2011
Courtesy of Family and Playlab
Courtesy of Family and Playlab

Storefront for Art and Architecture, the New Museum, and New York City’s Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), are pleased to announce that a team of emerging New York City-based designers from the studios Family and PlayLab have been selected as the winners of Storefront’s StreetFest international competition to re-envision temporary outdoor structures. The StreetFest competition asked for designs that envisioned street tents not only as shelters but also as active elements within the collective construction and understanding of the city.

More on the results of this competition after the break.

Rem Koolhaas Keynote for Festival of Ideas for a New City

20:00 - 11 April, 2011

Rem Koolhaas will provide the Keynote Address for the upcoming Festival of Ideas for a New City on Wednesday May 4th at 7:00pm held at the Rosenthal Pavilion at the Kimmel Center. Tickets are currently available for purchase.

2011 AIA Honor Award / The Diana Center / Weiss Manfredi

09:30 - 11 April, 2011
© Albert Vecerka/Esto
© Albert Vecerka/Esto

We are happy to share that our friends from New York-based Weiss Manfredi will be recognized at the 2011 AIA Honor Awards Ceremony in New Orleans this May. The firm’s Diana Center for Barnard College has infused the urban campus with a new sense of vitality as the vertically organized quad unites landscape and architecture with interior and exterior spaces. While the building contains 98,000 sqf of mixed use functions, the project also strongly emphasizes the constant connection between urban user and nature as a grand diagonal slash through the building creates a double-height glass atria to provide inward, as well as outward views. The slipped atria and an unfolded glazed staircase bring in natural light and eliminate visual boundaries between the College and the city, while providing spaces for informal interaction to encourage collaboration and dialogue across disciplines. The building has achieved a LEED Gold certification and Debora L. Spar, president of Barnard College explained, “The Diana Center has not only transformed the way our community interacts, but through its environmentally responsible design and function, has inspired us to become active participants in sustainability efforts. The project was also named a winner of ArchDaily’s Building of the Year Award for 2010 [be sure to view our full coverage of the Diana Center previously on AD].

In Progress: Staten Island Animal Care Center / Garrison Architects

17:30 - 2 April, 2011
Courtesy of Garrison Architects
Courtesy of Garrison Architects

The main objective behind the design for the new Staten Island Animal Care Center was to create a high quality environment for the animals, staff and visitors. The building is sheathed in a highly insulating, translucent polycarbonate envelope. This provides higher performance in comparison to typical glass and maximizes the benefits of natural light. The roof of the outer perimeter housing the animals is raised above a lower interior roof plane, which covers other shelter functions. This configuration permits the daylight to enter the facility on multiple sides. Natural ventilation is encouraged along the periphery with the use of a passive air ventilation system. A sophisticated mechanical system that uses heat recovery to feed heat gain energy back into the system is incorporated into the design to provide constant fresh air exchange.

Architect: Garrison Architects Location: Staten Island, New York City, New York, USA Project Area: 5,500 sqf Renderings: Courtesy of Garrison Architects

NYC Grid turns 200

09:30 - 23 March, 2011

Immediately, the plan was criticized for its monotony and, in particular, the 90 degree angles of the street intersections – which were designed in an economical fashion as right-angled houses were the most affordable to build.   While cities such as Washington DC had grand diagonal cross streets, Manhattan’s plan divided the island into repetitious compressed parcels with no attention paid to changing topography or location.  However, opinions of the system seem to be changing, as, over the course of decades, the grid’s logistical framework has proven beneficial and has allowed a magnificent modern city to rise.

More after the break.

Chanel Soho / Peter Marino Architect

00:00 - 18 March, 2011
Chanel Soho / Peter Marino Architect, © Paul Warchol
© Paul Warchol

© Paul Warchol © Paul Warchol © Paul Warchol + 4

Light Loft / Fabrica 718

07:30 - 5 March, 2011
© Sean Hemmerle
© Sean Hemmerle

Architects: Fabrica 718 Project Team: Cara Solomon, Minyoung Song, Kim Letven, Michael Brehmer, Natalya Egon, Abigail Coover, and Corey Yurkovich Location: Soho, New York City, NY, USA Architect of Record: Melissa Cicetti, AIA MEP Engineer: D’Antonio Consulting Expediter: JAM Project area: 1,850 sq. ft. Project year: 2010 Photographs: Sean Hemmerle

Video: Rethinking our Landscapes with Kate Orff

16:45 - 13 February, 2011

Kate Orff shares her vision of ‘oyster-tecture’ utilizing oysters as an agent for urban change. Focusing on the New York Harbor, Orff, architect and founding principal of Manhattan based studio SCAPE, demonstrates how we can rethink our landscapes, both the green and blue spaces, linking nature and humanity for mutual benefit.

A BIG New York Debut: West 57th

17:52 - 7 February, 2011
Courtesy of BIG
Courtesy of BIG

The awkwardly shaped large site at West Side Highway and 57th Street is about to get a whole lot more attention. Bjarke Ingels and BIG will finally make their architectural debut in North America, with an unusual apartment building design in none other than New York City. The asymmetrical peak almost pyramid in shape is the result of blending the mismatched forms of a typical Manhattan tower podium and a low-rise apartment block European in style.

BIG’s reinvention of the ‘New York apartment building’ somehow is able to check all of the boxes, providing a connection to the waterfront and the Hudson River Park, acknowledging the surrounding context both in relationship to building size and neighbors’ views, and alleviating traffic noise. The leafy green courtyards that pop up within this new residential typology help to balance a steeply sloped facade, 450-feet at its peak. Designed for client Durst Fetner Residential, the building offers both a cultural and commercial program and will accommodate 600 residential units varying in size.

Follow the break for the architect’s description and more photographs.

Courtesy of BIG Courtesy of BIG Courtesy of BIG Courtesy of BIG + 54

Architects: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group Location: Manhattan, New York, USA Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels Project Leader: Beat Schenk Project Architect: Sören Grünert Project Team: Thomas Christoffersen, Celine Jeanne, Daniel Sundlin, Alessandro Ronfini, Aleksander Tokarz, Alessio Valmori, Alvaro Garcia Mendive, Felicia Guldberg, Gabrielle Nadeau, Ho Kyung Lee, Julian Liang, Julianne Gola, Lucian Racovitan, Marcela Martinez, Maria Nikolova, Minjae Kim, Mitesh Dixit, Nicklas Rasch, Riccardo Mariano, Stanley Lung, Steffan Heath, Thilani Rajarathna, Xu Li Architect of Record: SLCE Architects Landscape Architects: Starr Whitehouse Structural: Thornton Tomasetti MEP: Dagher Engineering Civil: Langan Engineering Construction Manager: Hunter Roberts Transportation: Philip Habib & Assoc. Building Envelope: Israel Berger & Assoc. Marketing: Nancy Packes Vertical Transportation: Van Deusen & Assoc. Acoustical: Cerami & Assoc. Wind: CPP Environmental: AKRF Client: Durst Fetner Residential Project Area: 870,000 sqf Renderings & Animation: German Glessner

Queens Library at Hunters Point / Steven Holl Architects

17:56 - 1 February, 2011
model view from the river
model view from the river

Situated on a prominent waterfront site just across the East River from the United Nations and Roosevelt Island, the Queens Library at Hunters Point is scheduled to begin construction early next year. The design, which was approved this month is a collaboration between Steven Holl and partner Chris McVoy.

When we visited Steven Holl Architects we had a chance to see the design of Queens Library at Hunters Point on the boards. Check out our recent features of works by Steven Holl Architects, including the master plans and buildings for Hangzhou Normal University in China, the Glasgow School of Art, and our previous coverage of Queens Library at Hunters Point.

Further project description of the new Queens Library at Hunters Point and images following the break.

Architects: Steven Holl Architects Location: Hunters Point, New York City, New York, USA Design Architects: Steven Holl and Chris McVoy

Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art International Open Ideas Competition Winners

23:39 - 28 January, 2011
1st place-Mocca Museum NYC
1st place-Mocca Museum NYC

The open international ideas competition, hosted by suckerPUNCH, is for a new, larger home for the museum of cartoon and comic art . The museum was established in 2001 and currently is based in the Soho area of Manhattan in New York City. The main goal of the museum is to educate the public about comic and cartoon art, how it is crafted, and how it reflects history. More images and descriptions of winning entries after the break.

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Competition Entry / Or Regev and Shirly Kujawski

17:00 - 24 January, 2011
Courtesy of Or Regev and Shirly Kujawski
Courtesy of Or Regev and Shirly Kujawski

Or Regev and Shirly Kujawski shared their entry for the new Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, hosted by Sucker Punch Daily. The project is located at Essex Market in New York City, nearby the Williamsburg Bridge. The architects approached their design for the proposal for MoCCA as an extension of the media that the museum is designed to house and present.

Read on for more on this project after the break.

LightHearted / Freecell and Peter Dorsey

13:00 - 21 January, 2011
Courtesy of Freecell
Courtesy of Freecell

LightHearted is the winning design for this years Times Square Valentine, an annual competition to deign and build a heart for Times Square. Designed by Freecell, a 2010 P.S.1 contestant, in collaboration with Peter Dorsey, the ten-foot diameter heart is a light weight construction, with five pairs of aluminum elliptical loops radially arranged with rotating connections. The structure is covered with an open weave red fabric that both captures and reflects light while letting wind pass through.

LightHearted is an interactive installation, six people will hold the heart up for fifteen minute intervals. The ten-day event, February 10 to February 20, will need over 2,600 volunteers to share in this collective experience.

Head to the LightHearted website and sign up for your fifteen minutes on their volunteer calendar!

Courtesy of Freecell Courtesy of Freecell Courtesy of Freecell Courtesy of Freecell + 7

Architects: Freecell, and Peter Dorsey Location: 46th Street and Broadway, New York City, New York, USA Web Design: Deelux Sponsor: Times Square Alliance Public Art Program Photographs: Courtesy of Freecell

New Yorkers top Architectural Events of 2010

17:30 - 31 December, 2010
© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

This years architectural events in New York are bound to have a meaningful effect on the years to come; the decision by NYU to add another tower complementing I.M Pei’s existing Silver Towers complex (rather than their initial plan to demolish them), the opening of the first section of Brooklyn Bridge Park coupled with the completion of the High Line has re-established New York City as a key model to reference when it comes to designing urban public space, and finally construction began on Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, by Louis Kahn, to name a few.

From transportation, urban planning, exhibitions, residential and office buildings follow the break to see the New Yorkers list of some of the most influential decisions surrounding architecture over the past year in New York.

Architecture City Guide: New York City

08:57 - 22 December, 2010
© flickr: nickmilleruk. Used under <a href=''>Creative Commons</a>
© flickr: nickmilleruk. Used under Creative Commons

The Architecture City Guide series is back, this week featuring New York City. Grab a scarf and hat and hit the streets to check out some of the great architecture that NYC has to offer. Think we left something out? Add your can’t miss NYC buildings to our comments below.

Follow the break for our New York City list and a corresponding map!

Evolutive Means Exhibition / Chandler Ahrens, John Carpenter, Michael W. Su, Axel Schmitzberger

00:00 - 17 December, 2010
© Chandler Ahrens, John Carpenter
© Chandler Ahrens, John Carpenter

We received the following exhibition by Chandler Ahrens and John Carpenter. It is located in Brooklyn, New York City, and it was inaugurated on the occasion of the conference ACADIA 2010 LIFE in:formation hosted by The Cooper Union. It examines concepts, tools and technologies that implement responsive and generative aspects of information in the design process.

The exhibition chairs are Chandler Ahrens, Michael W. Su and Axel Schmitzberger and conference chairs are Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Aaron Sprecher and Shai Yeshauyahu.

Further information and photos after the break.

Turning Pink / Leong Leong Architecture

13:00 - 21 November, 2010
Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture
Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture

Architects Leong Leong recently shared their photographs from Turning Pink at W/ Project Space in New York’s Chinatown. Made from 3inch rigid insulation and mirrored acrylic this temporary and site-specific installation was part of a series that ‘explore the translation of a legible figure into a continuous visual field’.

More photographs and drawings about the Turning Pink installation following the break.

Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture + 15

Architects: Leong Leong Architecture Location: New York City, New York, USA Principals-in-Charge: Dominic Leong and Chris Leong Project Team: Nathan Smith, Christina Galvez, Sarah Carpenter, Greg Bugel, Brittany Drapac, Naomi Szto Builder: Leong Leong Architects Sponsors: 3.1 Phillip Lim and Pabst Blue Ribbon Project Area: 60 sqf Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Courtesy of Leong Leong Architecture