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AD Classics: Millennium Dome / Richard Rogers (RSHP)

In 1994, with the third millennium fast approaching, the British announced a national festival to mark the year 2000. Amid a new sense of optimism, the year-long festival, which became known as the Millennium Experience, would take the form of an exhibition celebrating “who we are, what we do, and where we live.” Under the project direction of Mike Davies, a partner of Richard Rogers’ practice (known today as RSHP) designed the Millennium Dome to house this exhibition.

In an extraordinary feat of architecture and engineering, the vast dome, whose canopy encompasses a volume of 2.2million cubic meters, sped from initial concept design to topping out in only two years. Although the Millennium Experience closed its doors as the year 2000, the building which housed it has since been put to a variety of uses, its durability largely due to Richard Rogers’ characteristically flexible design.

An elevated walkway inside the dome  (licensed under CC-BY-2.0)A steel strut pierces the canopy of the dome  (licensed under CC-BY-2.0)Two cyclindrical service towers stand adjacent to the dome  (licensed under CC-BY-2.0)The 'Body Zone'  (licensed under CC-BY-2.0)+ 8