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Architecture in Black: A Selection of The Best Dark Interiors

The use of light and shadow in architecture can have several nuances. The traditional Japanese culture stands out for working with spaces of dim light, kind of dull. On the other hand, modern architecture and minimalism work along with illuminating spaces through the use of white spaces and reflection of light as a recurring resource.

Even so, black, dark spaces and minimalism also converse in the same language that provides new possibilities for lighting design and use of new materials. We now present you a selection of the best contemporary interior spaces that use black as the protagonist element, generating introspective but dramatic environments at the same time.

Tsukiji Room H / Yuichi Yoshida & associates

© Katsumi Hirabayashi © Katsumi Hirabayashi © Katsumi Hirabayashi © Katsumi Hirabayashi + 18

NOVA ISKRA Design Incubator in Belgrade / Studio Petokraka

© Relja Ivanić © Relja Ivanić © Relja Ivanić © Relja Ivanić + 18

Belgrade, Serbia
  • Architects: Studio Petokraka
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 350.0
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2012

Open Source Furniture: Download, Print And Build Online

Let's suppose you need a bookcase. Years ago, you would probably search the furniture stores or antique shops in your town. Today you are more likely to open dozens of tabs on your web browser to compare prices and models. But there is another option that is becoming increasingly popular: open source furniture.

It's simple; you download the design of a piece of furniture and send it to a CNC machine (a mill that cuts wood from a digital file). It’s more or less like sending a PDF to print. With the pieces cut, you just assemble it. We used a bookcase for example, but it could be a chair, a table, a cupboard, a bench. Opendesk, one of the current open source furniture platforms, brings together about 30 pieces of furniture available for download. There the user can download a project and cut the furniture in a FabLab or personal workshop, or use the site to connect with a joiner who makes the cuts.

London Design Fair. Image © Ollie Hammick London Design Fair. Image © Ollie Hammick Escritório Greenpeace. Image © Rory Gardiner Escritório Greenpeace. Image © Rory Gardiner + 9

Retrofit Apartment / SuperLimão Studio

© Escanhuela Photo © Escanhuela Photo © Escanhuela Photo © Escanhuela Photo + 20

São Paulo, Brazil
  • Architects: SuperLimão Studio
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 50.0
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

Apartment F+B / Núcleo de Arquitetura Experimental

© Marcelo Donadussi © Marcelo Donadussi © Marcelo Donadussi © Marcelo Donadussi + 64

Chácara das Pedras, Brazil
  • Architects: Núcleo de Arquitetura Experimental
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 1227.09 ft²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

Four Stunning Renovated Apartments in Oscar Niemeyer-Designed Buildings

To live in a residence designed by a renowned architect is a dream for many, however, a dream that will most likely never come true. But, there is an alternative. Many architecture enthusiasts have rented or even bought apartments in iconic buildings designed by their favorite architects. 

In regards to the work of Oscar Niemeyer, fluidity and flexibility may best express his plans and typologies.

Below, we've selected four apartments in buildings designed by Neimeyer that reinterpret his original plans.

Rios Clementi Hale Studios Address Gentrification Through New L.A. Office

The Los Angeles-based firm, Rios Clementi Hale Studios, a transdisciplinary practice engaging in design from urban planning to product design, opened their new offices in the city's Crenshaw neighborhood. A recent article by Metropolis Magazine outlines the firm's design process in creating their new office layout to emphasize their aspirations as an established practice.

The 13 Best Plants for Your Apartment... And How To Keep Them Alive

Plants are excellent elements to add in architecture and built spaces. However, when it comes to indoor environments, which usually receive less natural light and ventilation, certain species are resistant to adaptation. 

Therefore, when thinking about species for indoors – be it a home, apartment or commercial space – some species are better than others. We have selected the best 13 indoor plants for your home. 

Good Taste and the Transformation of McDonald's

Courtesy of McDonald's, via Metropolis Magazine
Courtesy of McDonald's, via Metropolis Magazine

This article was originally published on Metropolis Magazine as "Will the Culture of Good Taste Devour McDonald's?"

At a new corporate headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, there’s a double-height lobby filled with green walls and massive art installations. Travel to its top floor roof deck and you’ll find a cozy fire pit next to a fitness center and bar (happy hours are on Thursday). Elsewhere, stair-seating terraces face floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Chicago skyline. This vertical campus settles in peaceably among its tony Randolph Street neighbors—Michelin stars, tech giants, and boutique hotels. At first glance, it’s refined and tasteful enough to be any one of these.

Apartment in Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation Renovated to Original Design by Philipp Mohr

Architect Philipp Mohr has led the renovation of an apartment at Le Corbusier’s iconic Unite d’Habitation in Berlin, carried out to the architect’s original design. Over the course of two years, Mohr’s team engaged with archival research, antique shopping, and the surveying of the Unite d’Habitation Marseille in France.

Mohr purchased the apartment in 2016 and embarked on a journey of demolition, measurement, and extensive renovation including lowering ceilings and moving walls in order to recreate the interior likely envisioned by Le Corbusier.

© Didier Gaillard- Hohlweg © Didier Gaillard- Hohlweg © Didier Gaillard- Hohlweg © Didier Gaillard- Hohlweg + 23

New Renderings Reveal the Penthouse Interiors at Tadao Ando's NYC Residential Building

New renderings have been revealed of Tadao Ando’s first project in New York City, a luxury residential building known as 152 Elizabeth Street, that show the interiors of its exclusive multi-story penthouse for the first time.

© Noë & Associates with The Boundary © Noë & Associates with The Boundary © Noë & Associates with The Boundary © Noë & Associates with The Boundary + 7

12 Plants That Thrive Indoors

Adding a plant makes any space instantly cozier. No need to have a large balcony to grow them, there are many species that develop well in living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms, with little maintenance as well as space efficient. The vases used also add to the composition of well-decorated environments. Flowers add color and diversity to all environments, but it is worth mentioning that species that do not produce flowers do less photosynthesis and therefore require smaller amounts of sunshine and are therefore more suitable for indoor cultivation. It is also important to note that popular names can be quite different, so you should always pay attention to its scientific names when choosing your species. 

Below, we selected 12 ornamental plants ideal for indoor cultivation.

Restaurant ENIGMA Offers a Glimpse Into the Future of Gastronomy

Neolith has unveiled their most ambitious project to date: the ENIGMA restaurant design in collaboration with RCR Arquitectes and P.Llimona. The conceptual restaurant space began with the vision of celebrated Catalan chef Albert Adrià, who wanted to create an "enigmatic” restaurant project reflecting his gastronomy and his career. Albert, together with his sibling Ferran Adrià have transformed the iconic El Bulli restaurant into a culinary research foundation and embarked on more projects since, including tapas bar Tickets and Bar 41 in Barcelona. ENIGMA, described as a “culinary amusement park” represents the new brainchild of the brothers’ dialogue exploring the intersection of food and design.

Courtesy of RCR Arquitectes/Pau Llimona Courtesy of RCR Arquitectes/Pau Llimona Courtesy of RCR Arquitectes/Pau Llimona Courtesy of RCR Arquitectes/Pau Llimona + 21

Instagram Is Changing How We Design Spaces (And Creating Incredibly Lucrative Businesses)

“This place is really Instagrammable, you’ll see what I mean.”

Walking into a tiled entryway and catching a glimpse of the cocoon-shaped swings, I saw fast. Planta, located on a busy street in Downtown Toronto is an Instagram magnet. And they know it. Opened last fall, Planta’s geotagged posts grow daily, with several of the restaurants’ key spaces photographed again and again. With jungle-inspired wallpaper, graphic tiling and a solid 14k following on their own account, the plant-based eatery means business.

Instagram’s parent-company Facebook announced it made $9.1 billion in earnings this quarter on advertising, retaining its longstanding rule over digital advertising alongside with Google’s Alphabet ($26 billion). With Instagram absorbing competitor Snapchat’s story features and increasing the number of sponsored posts it shows this year (yeah, we noticed), it’s not a stretch to say that the social media giant sits at the center of food and beverage trends. But what happens to interior spaces when restaurants set out to be “Instagrammable”?

New Space for Rosatom 2017

The second stage of the creative competition of the state Corporation Rosatom.

State Corporation for atomic energy Rosatom with the assistance of the communications ProjectNext agency and OfficeNext portal offers to take part in the second stage of the international creative competition for the development of the concept design the workspace of Rosatom for architects, designers, graphic designers, specialists in computer graphics and visual design.

Understanding the "Public Interior," From the Palace to the Garden

In this article, which originally appeared on BD, Nicholas de Klerk (a London-based Associate Architect at Aukett Swanke) reviews The Public Interior as Idea and Project – a new publication by the Netherlands-based Canadian artist, architectural historian and educator Mark Pimlott.

Mark Pimlott's new book, The Public Interior as Idea and Project (2016), expands on prior publications, notably Without and Within (2007). In this earlier book, Pimlott explored the concept of a ‘continuous interior’—examining repetitive spaces which share characteristics—for example, shopping malls and airports, and which, collectively, set about the urbanisation of the American territory.

The Winter Palace. Image © Marius Grootveld The Winter Palace. Image © Marius Grootveld The Winter Palace. Image © Marius Grootveld Palazzo Ducale Urbino IV. Image © Marius Grootveld + 6

Explore Budapest's Art Deco and Bauhaus Staircases Through This Photo Series

Fine arts and commercial photographer Balint Alovits has released Time Machine, his latest photo series documenting Art Deco and Bauhaus staircases throughout Budapest, Hungary.

Shown from the same central perspective, the photographs “create a new dimension by splitting space and time, staying within the visual limits of the project’s concept, while the perception of the architectural details evokes the idea of infinity.”

“I have always liked Art Deco and Bauhaus buildings,” said Alovits. “Whenever I step into one of these caracoles, I feel a certain pulling energy looking up from the bottom or down from the top. I wanted to collect and showcase all the different shapes and colors that these stairways feature.”

© Balint Alovits © Balint Alovits © Balint Alovits © Balint Alovits + 16