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9 Cutting-Edge Technologies for Architects

This article was originally published by Brantley Agency as "Must Have Technology for Architects in 2017."

2017 has been an amazing year in the field of technology for architects. Most excitingly, we’ve seen an exponential growth in our fascination with virtual and augmented reality. Various types of innovative technology for architects are rolled out so regularly, we find our architect clients wondering where to begin.

Which of the many tech developments are merely gimmicks that will disappear as fast as they arrived, and which are here to stay, becoming permanent fixtures within professional practice? We’ve compiled a list of 10 pieces of technology for architects that will differentiate your firm from the competition in the studio and on the construction site.

The World's First Hologram Table is Here, and Could Be Yours for $47,000

After years of movie magic made hologram tables the objects of our futuristic affections, the technology to create our own Star Wars- or Minority Report-esque setup is finally here.

Australian company Euclideon has developed the world’s first multi-user hologram table, which allows four people to interact simultaneously with images projected onto the table surface. And unlike other AR technology currently available, the system operates without those clunky headsets that take you out of the immersive, real-world experience; instead, the company has produced sleek, motion-tracking glasses than look like a cousin of your favorite sunnies.