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"Archifutures" Represents a Vital Infusion of Oxygen Into the Arena of Architectural Discourse

10:00 - 31 July, 2017

Publishing is a cultural project, first collecting and condensing ideas and then diffusing them. In the architectural sphere, it is a pursuit which has often struggled to tackle an inherent paradox: is a book, for instance, speaking to an audience entirely “in the know” or one completely fresh to the concepts, ideas, and figures which tend to envelop the discourse – often resonating like records on repeat.

Unplugging architectural publishing from its conventional realm while, at the same time, seeking to challenge existing tropes in discourse, has been made at once easier and more challenging by the dawn—and subsequent acceleration—of online publishing. Yet the book, as opposed to the magazine—printed, bound, and representing a cohesive and finite exploration of thoughts—is beginning to benefit from more innovative models of circulation, responding to the territory presently occupied by it’s ubiquitous counterpart. Archifutures, an initiative of the Future Architecture Platform, has emerged as one of the more ambitious of these projects.

Volume 2: The Studio. Image © Lena Giovanazzi Volume 2: The Studio. Image © Lena Giovanazzi Volume 1: The Museum. Image © Lena Giovanazzi Volume 3: The Site. Image © Lena Giovanazzi + 13

ARCHIFUTURES VOL. 1: The Museum, A Field Guide to the Future of Architecture

18:00 - 16 November, 2016
ARCHIFUTURES VOL. 1: The Museum, A Field Guide to the Future of Architecture, Courtesy of Future Architecture Platform
Courtesy of Future Architecture Platform

Archifutures Vol. 1: The Museum presents the last chapter of the first Future Architecture cycle and is the first part of a new three-volume field guide to the future of architecture. The collection maps contemporary architectural practice and urban planning, presented through the words and ideas of some of its key players and change-makers. From institutions, activists, thinkers, curators and architects to urban bloggers, polemicists, critics and publishers, these are the people shaping tomorrow’s architecture and cities – and thereby helping to shape our societies of the future as well.

‎"The Importance of the Way Stories are Being Told" eBook

07:00 - 24 July, 2012

Following the debate “Communication and Bottom-UP. The importance of the way stories are being told.” dpr-barcelona is committed to expand the debates and conversations avoiding them to get lost after a few days of the event. With this motivation, they published a digital-pamphlet [kindle + ePub] exploring the thought and ideas of thinkers and doers; articulated by simple detonating questions posed through emails, tweets and conversations intending to communicate effectively the very essence of the debate: “the importance of telling stories.” This digital pamphlet is a starting point for a open and written debate were everyone can also sum opinions: Those interested in responding will be able to add more contents using Booki, which is an open platform that allows to write collaborative books and even generating a very personal version. To download the book for kindle and ePub format, please visit here. Text courtesy of dpr-barcelona.