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Rearrange, Paint, Cultivate: Brightening Up Your Home While Practicing Social Distancing

As cities around the world go on lockdown in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, most individuals have been asked to stay at home, leaving only essential workers - EMTs and other healthcare professionals, grocery workers, bus drivers, deliverymen, and more - continuing to go out to keep the world running. Other families and individuals have found themselves spending most of their time at home, permitted to leave only to buy groceries or exercise for limited periods of time. With many no doubt searching for ways to pass the time in replacement of social interaction, we suggest several ways to brighten up your home while practicing social distancing, both improving the space you’re in and giving possible activities to pass the time.

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8 Design Solutions Creating Comfortable Interiors

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Interior design within architecture has become extremely relevant as architects and designers are responsible for creating pleasant spaces for people. Have you ever wondered why there are spaces in which we could stay for hours and others that generate instant rejection? These sensations are achieved through the correct management of various parameters that guarantee comfort in interior spaces.

Comfort in interior design, explained in a simple way, is provided in spaces that produce well-being. This, undoubtedly, can be a somewhat subjective and personal concept for each individual, but there are several parameters and building regulations to follow in design projects.

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