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Stefano Mori


Anandaloy Center / Studio Anna Heringer

© Kurt Hoerbst© Stefano Mori© Kurt Hoerbst© Kurt Hoerbst+ 17

Rudrapur, Bangladesh

Local Techniques in Big Cities: Beyond Earth and Bamboo

Vernacular techniques and local materials are becoming more and more relevant in architecture, but is it possible to bring these concepts to large urban areas?

In 1984, the Amazonian architect Severiano Porto had already pointed out the need to make architecture more connected to its location. Using local materials and techniques is becoming more important each day, considering the impacts of the commodity chain of building construction on the planet. Not surprisingly, the number of projects that use this approach is growing every day, as Severiano has already mentioned in his work since the 1980s.

Himalesque / ARCHIUM. Image © Jun Myung-jinEscola em Gana / Alberto Figueroa. Image Cortesia de Alberto FigueroaCortesia de Warka WaterGrotto Retreat Xiyaotou / A( )VOID. Image © Guo Zhe+ 16