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Songkai Liu


Paper Museum in Dongshan Village / THUPDI Department of Traditional Village

exterior. Image © Songkai Liu1F resting space. Image © Songkai LiuWeathering steel corridor. Image © Songkai Liutraditional papermaking exhibition space . Image © Songkai Liu+ 38

RU Coffee Shop / BE Design

entrance. Image © Songkai Liubrick cafe space. Image © Songkai Liubrick and white. Image © Songkai Liubrick window. Image © Songkai Liu+ 29

Beyond the Geometry Plastic 3D Printed Pavilion / Archi-Union Architects + Fab-Union

© Schran Image© Schran Image© Schran Image© Schran Image+ 26

Nanjing, China

Expansion of the Waterhouse / Sunyat

© Songkai Liu© Songkai Liu© Dawei Cao© Dawei Cao+ 39

Shanghai, China

CIFI Donut Kindergart / THDL

Birdview. Image © Songkai LiuRamp Garden Birdview. Image © Nanxi PhotographyFlying Corridor Slide. Image Courtesy of THDLGarden. Image © Nanxi Photography+ 34

Mega Center / BE Design

© Songkai Liu© Songkai Liu© Songkai Liu© Songkai Liu+ 32