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Spotlight: Ricardo Bofill

Ricardo Bofill (born 5 December 1939), a graduate of the Barcelona University School of Architecture and the School of Geneva, and the founder of interdisciplinary firm Taller de Arquitectura, is renowned for his extensive body of work and ever-changing design aesthetic. His career has spanned over 50 years, encompassing more than 1000 buildings in cities ranging from Lisbon and Boston to Tokyo and St. Petersburg. His architectural approach has evolved over the decades and has permeated dozens of countries worldwide.

The Factory. Image © Ricardo Bofill Xanadú. Image © Ricardo Bofill Walden 7. Image © Ricardo Bofill Maritxell Sanctuary. Image © Ricardo Bofill + 16

7 Architects Who Weren't Afraid to Use Color

Interior of Casa Gilardi. Image © <a href=''> Wikimedia user Ulises00</a> licensed under <a href=''>Public Domain</a> Casa Batlló. Image © <a href=''>Wikimedia user M.Stallbaum</a> licensed under <a href=''>Public Domain</a> St. Coletta School / Michael Graves. Image Courtesy of Michael Graves Café l'Aubette. Image © <a href=''>Wikimedia user Claude Truong-Ngoc</a> licensed under <a href=''>CC BY-SA 3.0</a> + 22

Some architects love color, some are unmoved by it, some hate it, and some love to dismiss it as too whimsical or non-serious for architecture. In an essay on the subject, Timothy Brittain-Catlin mentions the “innate puritanism among clients of architecture,” architects and their “embarrassment of confronting color,” and how “Modernism tried to ‘educate out’ bright colors.” So, while the debate on color in architecture is far from being a new one, it is not finished, and probably never will be.

In today’s world where the exhausted stereotype of the no-nonsense architect clad in black still persists, and while we quietly mull over the strange pull of the Cosmic Latte, there are some architects who haven’t been afraid of using broad swathes of color in their work at all. Read on for a list of 7 such exemplary architects both from the past and the present.

10 ArchDaily Projects That You Can Book Through Airbnb

ArchDaily and Airbnb were both founded in 2008, but for two very different reasons. Since then, ArchDaily has amassed a vast database of tens of thousands of buildings, located in cities and countries all around the world. Meanwhile, Airbnb has revolutionized the way in which we explore these countries, and use these buildings, even if just for one night.

While architecture lovers have occasionally been offered very limited experiences through Airbnb, such as a one-night stay on the Great Wall of China, or an architectural tour of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium courtesy of Kengo Kuma, it transpires that Airbnb’s listings contain some notable architectural gems available for regular booking.

Kubuswoningen / Piet Blom. Image © Dirk Verwoerd Ex of In House / Steven Holl Architects. Image © Paul Warchol Sky Pods / Natura Vive. Image © Airbnb VillaLóla / ARKÍS architects. Image © ARKÍS architects + 52

W Barcelona Hotel / Ricardo Bofill

© Ricardo Bofill © Ricardo Bofill © Ricardo Bofill © Ricardo Bofill + 40

Barcelona, Spain
  • Architects: Ricardo Bofill
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  42.818
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2010

Cultural Center Miguel Delibes / Ricardo Bofill

Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill
Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill

Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill + 17