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Ralph Feiner


House in Clavadel / Krähenbühl Architekten Studio

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Béton Brut Bathrooms: The Beauty of Concrete in Intimate Spaces

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Why use concrete in bathrooms?

Béton brut or "raw concrete" is a naturally porous material that provides many advantages for the design and build of a bathroom. As a waterproof and pressure-resistant material, it is easy to clean, doesn't deteriorate, prevents bathroom fungus and is low maintenance. Attractive as it is functional, concrete is versatile for both on-site furniture and wall coatings, floors and even shower trays. In addition, due to its thermal mass, concrete is an excellent material for floor heating.

Pro Tip: There are a variety of concrete finishes, but for the safety of daily bathroom users, you must add a surface sealer and a certain percentage of traction to avoid slippage.

Below, we've compiled 26 concrete bathrooms that find intimacy in béton brut.

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10 Bathrooms To Match Your Favorite Bathbomb

© Peter Clarke
© Peter Clarke

With the right configuration of materials and shapes, small enclosure, such as bathrooms, have unending design potential. Progressively, architects and designers are striving to make washrooms more welcoming and attractive places for its users. Often times we will hear clients ask for their bathroom to be somewhat of a personal spa. This week we have compiled 10 compelling images of bathrooms from all over the world. Bathrooms whose materials, patterns, colors, shapes, and textures begin to tell a story. Below, photographs by Peter Clarke, José Hevia, and Erieta Attali.

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35 Fireplaces that Spark Architectural Interest

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From the beginning of time, human beings have gathered around the fire. The first settlements and huts included in their interior a small bonfire to cook and maintain the heat of its inhabitants. This tradition has continued to the present, and chimneys and fireplaces have developed into the most varied designs and forms, providing possibilities both inside and outside a home.

To give you ideas for materials, structures, and spatial configurations, we present 35 remarkable meeting places around the fire.

Hydropower Plant Ragn d'Err / Vincenzo Cangemi Architectes

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Tinizong-Rona, Switzerland

Detail: Washrooms, Restrooms, Bathrooms, Lavatories, and Toilets

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom often takes top priority when building or renovating a home. However, choosing a look is not always easy, so here we have gathered 13 stunning bathrooms from previously published projects to provide inspiration in your own designs. Each is filled with inspiring ideas for your own project; from relaxing tubs to sleek showers, one of these bathrooms is sure to suit your style.

Multi-family House La Contenta / Aita Flury

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Domat/Ems, Switzerland
  • Architects: Aita Flury
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  900
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2015

Florins Residence / Philipp Baumhauer Architects

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Refuge Lieptgas / Georg Nickisch + Selina Walder

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Villa M M / feliz Architects

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Material Inspiration: 10 Projects Inspired by Concrete

To celebrate the launch of ArchDaily Materials, our new product catalog, we've rounded up 10 awesome projects from around the world that were inspired by one material: concrete. Check out the projects after the break...

Winery Gantenbein / Gramazio & Kohler + Bearth & Deplazes Architekten

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Fläsch, Switzerland

Grisons College of Education / Pablo Horváth

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