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Peter Eckert


Arctic Architecture: 17 Projects that Explore Different Heating Techniques in Interior Spaces

Some of the most picturesque projects are those built in the mountains; the rustic cabin wrapped with a floor-to-ceiling glass panel that overlooks the snow-covered trees. Visually, the architecture exudes an enchanting feeling, but is it truly a habitable space? When houses are built on an elevation of 3,000 meters, installing a fire element alone is not efficient or sustainable. Spaces on such altitudes or particular geographic locations require to be treated thoroughly, beginning with the architecture itself. Whether it's through hydronic in-floor heating systems or wall-mounted chimneys, this interior focus explores how even the most extreme winter conditions did not get in the way of ensuring optimum thermal comfort.

PokoPoko Club House / Klein Dytham architecture. Image © Nacasa & Partners© Peter EckertGoatbarn Lane / Renée del Gaudio. Image © David Lauer PhotographyEastwatch House / F9 Productions. Image © Jason Buss+ 21

Hood River Residence / Scott | Edwards Architecture

© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert+ 23

Hood River, United States

Cedar Island Residence / Scott | Edwards Architecture

© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert+ 28

West Linn, United States

Best Houses of 2019

© Quang Tran© Simon Wilson with Amelia Holmes© Peter Eckert© Shigeo Ogawa+ 51

More than 5.000 architecture projects were published in ArchDaily this year.  Year after year, we curate hundreds of residential projects, and as we know our readers love houses, we compiled a selection of the most visited residential projects published on the site. 

Set in various locations around the world, in urban, rural, mountain and beach landscapes; a variety of structural designs, from traditional masonry to the most technological prefabricated systems; from small dwellings to large houses and materials such as concrete, wood, and bricks as the most used. We also found their design and typology solutions were very much aligned with their specific settings and all of them share a strong dialogue between the house and nature, whether it is its direct surroundings or the introduction of green into a more condensed urban setting. 

This selection of 50 houses highlights the most visited examples during these twelve months and, according to our readers, were the most attractive in innovation, construction techniques, and design challenges. Check them out below:

Fair-Haired Dumbbell / FFA Architecture and Interiors

Courtesy of FFA© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert+ 18

AKQA / GBD Architects

© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert+ 12

Hotchkiss Residence / Scott | Edwards Architecture

© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert© Peter Eckert+ 14

Vancouver, United States