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Alberto Kalach: “Imagine if All Rooftops in Our City Were Green!”

Last month I went on an enlightening trip to Mexico City, during which I had a chance to meet with half a dozen leading Mexican architects and critics. Those meetings included insightful conversations with Miquel Adrià, Tatiana Bilbao, Victor Legorreta, Mauricio Rocha, and Michel Rojkind among others (many of which will also feature in future installments of City of Ideas). I asked them many different questions, but two were consistent: “who would you name as Mexico’s best architect at this moment?” and “what one building built in the capital over the last decade is your favorite?” All of my interviewees pointed to Alberto Kalach (born 1960) and his Vasconcelos Library (2007). My Conversation with Kalach took place the next day after visiting the library on the rooftop of another one of his iconic buildings, Tower 41 overlooking Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City’s Central Park. We spoke about books, libraries, and his idea of buildings as inventions.

Vasconcelos Library. Image © Yoshihiro Koitani Galería Kurimanzutto. Image © Pedro Rosenbleuth Tower 41. Image © Yoshihiro Koitani Tower 41. Image © Yoshihiro Koitani + 95

Galería Kurimanzutto / Alberto Kalach

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