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Béton Brut Bathrooms: The Beauty of Concrete in Intimate Spaces

04:00 - 15 April, 2019
Béton Brut Bathrooms: The Beauty of Concrete in Intimate Spaces, © Roland Halbe
© Roland Halbe

© Peter Clarke Photography © BoysPlayNice © Relja Ivanic © Takumi Ota + 31

Why use concrete in bathrooms?

Béton brut or "raw concrete" is a naturally porous material that provides many advantages for the design and build of a bathroom. As a waterproof and pressure-resistant material, it is easy to clean, doesn't deteriorate, prevents bathroom fungus and is low maintenance. Attractive as it is functional, concrete is versatile for both on-site furniture and wall coatings, floors and even shower trays. In addition, due to its thermal mass, concrete is an excellent material for floor heating.

Pro Tip: There are a variety of concrete finishes, but for the safety of daily bathroom users, you must add a surface sealer and a certain percentage of traction to avoid slippage.

Below, we've compiled 26 concrete bathrooms that find intimacy in béton brut.

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14 Bedrooms to Fall In Love With on Valentine's Day

12:00 - 11 February, 2018
14 Bedrooms to Fall In Love With on Valentine's Day, Cortesía de Linda Bergroth
Cortesía de Linda Bergroth

© Cosmo Laera © Jeanna Berger © Hiroyuki Oki © Corentin Schieb + 15

Ah, love—one of life's most treasured gifts. Whether we're talking about erotic or plantonic love, Valentine's Day is the day to go all out with your expressions of affection. Maybe you'll go out to dinner, or go on a nice date, or treat yourself to a just a little more of the things that make you happy. And then, you'll move it to the bedroom to fall into a blissful slumber... or not.

In any case, these nice bedrooms will inspire lovely thoughts for this special day. Here we present 14 bedrooms to fall in love with (or in!) featuring photos from Emily Hutchinson, Cosmo Laera and Andreja Budjevac.

Refugi Lieptgas / Georg Nickisch + Selina Walder

04:00 - 9 March, 2015
Refugi Lieptgas / Georg Nickisch + Selina Walder, © Gaudenz Danuser
© Gaudenz Danuser

© Gaudenz Danuser © Ralph Feiner © Nuw © Gaudenz Danuser + 16