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Changbaishan Exhibition Hall Winning Proposal / ZNA

01:00 - 29 May, 2013
Changbaishan Exhibition Hall Winning Proposal / ZNA, Courtesy of ZNA
Courtesy of ZNA

ZNA / Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates just won the competition to design the Changbaishan Exhibition Hall in Jilin, China. The exhibition center is centered on the functions of displaying, negotiation & reception and signing, and also has the advanced function of conducting activities, business & leisure, etc. as well as the indispensable supporting functions of office, storage and finance, etc. The construction of their project skillfully uses Jilin cultural elements, pursuing energy conservation and environmental protection and adhering to the principles of low construction energy consumption & durable construction. More images and architects' description after the break.

Metro Station 20 Proposal / ZNA

04:00 - 24 January, 2012
Courtesy of ZNA
Courtesy of ZNA

Sofia’s new Metropolitan Station 20 on line 1 connects the nearby historic city with a modern and developing city center. It creates an underground world inspired by the cities’ culture and modern day aspirations. The design strategy by ZNA (Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates, Inc.) seeks to take advantage of the overlapping relationship between Obikolna Street and the proposed station below. The design of a centralized median, which moderates traffic, becomes the glass spine of the station. Composed of high angled walls in white architectural concrete the station is formed to capture natural light. More images and architects’ description after the break.