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Nedregate Culture District / Space Group

01:00 - 8 June, 2013
© Ivan Brodey
© Ivan Brodey
  • Architects

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    Oslo, Norway
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  • Design Team

    Adam Kurdahl, Gro Bonesmo, Gary Bates, Jose Hernandez, Eric Gerlach, Wenche Andreasen, Jens Noach, Anne Wordstrup, Frederik Kjelman, Tim Prins, Grant Cooper
  • Client

    Signal Mediahus ANS
  • Consultants

    Norconsult, Rambøll Norge, Energima, Ingenius Oslo, Franco Bløchlinger / Metallplan AS, 3D akustikk, Oslo El Prosjektering, F-Holm, Bleed, Sundt & Thomassen
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© Ivan Brodey © Vegard Kleven © Ivan Brodey © Ivan Brodey + 18

'PostZERO' Nordic Built Challenge Finalist Proposal / Space Group

01:00 - 17 May, 2013
'PostZERO' Nordic Built Challenge Finalist Proposal / Space Group, © Tegmark
© Tegmark

Recently named as one of the finalists in the Nordic Built Challenge, Space Group, in collaboration with BollingerGrohmann + Florian Kosche AS and AJL Engineers, shared with us their ‘PostZERO’ concept. An extension of an existing high-rise building in Oslo, the project aims to identify good ideas for how buildings can be transformed in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective manner. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Madla-Revheim Masterplan Proposal / MVRDV + Space Group

01:00 - 7 May, 2013
Madla-Revheim Masterplan Proposal / MVRDV + Space Group, © MVRDV + Space Group
© MVRDV + Space Group

MVRDV and Space Group are one of three teams who have been asked to submit a masterplan proposal for the Norwegian town of Madla-Revheim, the main development area outside of Stavanger. The aim of this commission is to develop a model of sustainable growth that treats development principles, transportation systems and built structures as parts of a whole. In this proposal, MVRDV and Space Group propose to concentrate 4,000 housing units on the edge of the 780 acre site, preserving the heart of the development for open, green space, public programs and sports facilities.

Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim / Space Group

01:00 - 27 February, 2013
Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim  / Space Group, © Peter Hebeisen
© Peter Hebeisen

© Peter Hebeisen © Space Group © Space Group © Peter Hebeisen + 27

  • Architects

  • Location

    Trondheim, Norway
  • Category

  • Project Development Team

    Gary Bates, Gro Bonesmo, Adam Kurdahl, Anne Wodstrup, Fredrik Krogeide, Gesine Gummi, Claudia Laarman, Thomas Bang Jespersen, Jens Niehues
  • Area

    35000.0 sqm
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