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RTA-Office Designs Service Center for China's International Garden Expo

01:00 - 1 October, 2014
Courtesy of RTA-Office
Courtesy of RTA-Office

RTA-Office has been selected to design and construct China’s 10th International Garden Expo Service Center in Wuhan. The center will serve as the main entrance for pedestrian and public transportation visitors on the edge of the Fuhe River at the 214 hectare site’s north entrance.

The Expo, which will commence in 2015, is one of the largest garden events in China. It will take place within the grounds of the Zhang Gongdi forest park and occupy a vast landfill area, making the Expo’s realization a major ecological restoration project.  

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Shanghai Flower Garden Square / Real Time Architecture

01:00 - 24 December, 2013
Shanghai Flower Garden Square / Real Time Architecture, Courtesy of RTA Office
Courtesy of RTA Office

The concept of the new Shanghai Flower Garden Square by Real Time Architecture (RTA-Office) is a reinterpretation of a traditional Chinese home. Ten villas merge to form a series of sequential spaces, replacing the conventional building type of the single, stand-alone villa. The 45 square meter landscape, thus, finds its way throughout the units’ interiors, synchronizing interior and exterior user activities.