Field Architecture


Zinfandel / Field Architecture

12:00 - 2 January, 2019
© Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

© Joe Fletcher © Joe Fletcher © Joe Fletcher © Joe Fletcher + 34

  • Architects

  • Location

    St. Helena, United States
  • Category

  • Lead Architects

    Jess Field, AIA and Stan Field, RIBA, SAIA
  • Area

    6100.0 ft2
  • Project Year

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Forty-One Oaks / Field Architecture

13:00 - 17 June, 2018
Forty-One Oaks / Field Architecture, © Steve Goldband
© Steve Goldband

© Steve Goldband © John Merkl © John Merkl © Steve Goldband + 14

Bodega Bauer Winery / Field Architecture

08:30 - 23 May, 2011

Field Architecture‘s goal for Bodega Bauer was to create an architecture informed by the same particularities of the earth which are embodied in the wine of the region. Siting and materiality are guided by the subtleties of sun and wind exposure, climate, the unexpected nuances of each season, and the presence and absence of water and shade.

Ubuntu Centre / Field Architecture

00:00 - 19 May, 2011
Ubuntu Centre / Field Architecture, © Jess Field
© Jess Field

© Jess Field © Jess Field © Jess Field © Jess Field + 13

  • Architects

  • Location

    5 7th Street, Bethelsdorp 6059, South Africa
  • Category

  • Architect

    Field Architecture
  • Project Team

    Stan Field (Lead Architect, SAIA, RIBA, Int’l Assoc. AIA), Jess Field (Lead Architect, Assoc. AIA), Mark Johnson (AIA), Jeff Pilotte, Andy Lin
  • Local Project Architects

    John Blair Architects in association with NOH Architects
  • Project Manager

    John Blair, Tim Hewitt-Coleman
  • Mechanical And Electrical Engineer

    Clinkscales Maughan-Brown
  • Structural And Civil Engineer

    Iliso Consulting
  • Landscape Architect

    John Elliott, Matt Elliott
  • Lighting Design

    Field Architecture
  • Interior Design

    Field Architecture
  • Acoustic Consultant for Hall

    Ivan Kadey Design
  • Mosaic Mural

    Dolla Sapeta
  • Networking and Communication Equipment:

    Cisco Systems
  • General Contractor

    SBT Construction (East Cape)
  • Area

    21000.0 ft2
  • Photographs

Karoo Wilderness Center / Field Architecture

20:00 - 16 May, 2011

The Karoo Wilderness Center represents a significant shift in perspective and practice, sponsoring and provoking the learning, dialogue, and action necessary to redefine the consequence of human inhabitation on the land. The Center aims to re-establish the connection between the built and natural world as one that is mutually beneficial. Forming an exemplary model of sustainability, the Center generates its own energy, harvests its own water, processes its own waste, and provides thermal comfort using no municipal water or power. Learning from the continuum of life in the Karoo, the architecture of the Center provides a lasting connection to the landscape, and fosters an understanding of the interdependence of ecosystem health, and human well being.

Architect: Field Architecture Location: Karoo, South Africa Project Team: Stan Field, Jess Field (Design Principals), Andy Lin, Erik Bloom, Chris Graesser Structural Engineers: Arup Conservation Management: Wilderness Foundation South Africa Environmental Impact Analysis: Integrated Environmental Management Project Area: 21,800 sqf