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A>T Designs Parametric "Cloudbridge"

01:00 - 6 November, 2013
A>T Designs Parametric "Cloudbridge", © A>T
© A>T

Though the fastest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, architects Arturo Tedeschi and Maurizio Arturo Degni of Arturo Tedeschi (A>T) also believe it is the most boring way. Inspired by Sou Fujimoto’s 2013 Serpentine Pavilion and formed by a specific algorithm, A>T’s “Cloudbridge” seeks to heighten the experience of footbridges by creating a non-linear path that slows users down and connects them with the surrounding nature. According to the architects, the cloud-like bridge, made of a cubic steel modular frame and supported by a main beam, could easily constructed in any major mountain range.

Hybrids III / a+t

17:49 - 13 January, 2010

Every time my architect friends drop by my office, I have to hide the a+t books and magazines because they always want to borrow them… And I don´t blame them, as the publications by this spanish editorial are useful tools for the architects.

The D Book, Density, HoCo and the Hybrids Series dissect some of the most iconic built/ongoing projects in the world, presented in full detail.

Hybrids III is the last one in the Hybrids series, covering residential mixed-use buildings. The book starts with a brief comparison between hybrid buildings and social condenser built during 1945-1975 to introduce the subject, like the John Hancock Center in Chicago by SOM or the Unite d’Habitation in France by Le Corbusier.

After this historic context, there is a good selection 0f 20 contemporary residential mixed-use buildings, such as the Sky Village by ADEPT + MVRDV, the St Jakob Turm by Herzog & de Meuron, the Market Hall by MVRDV (under construction), the Porta Fira Towers by Toyo Ito + b720, the Beekman tower by Frank Ghery, De Rotterdam by OMA (under construction), the Aqua Tower by Studio Gang and more.

The editorial seems to work very close to the offices, as the detail of the projects are amazing: detailed drawings, large photos, good diagrams, size comparisons, and all the facts you need to completely understand these projects as you can see on the photos after the break: