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Villa Mörtnäs / Fourfoursixsix Architects

04:00 - 12 May, 2015
Villa Mörtnäs / Fourfoursixsix Architects, © Johan Dehlin
© Johan Dehlin

© Johan Dehlin © Johan Dehlin © Johan Dehlin © Johan Dehlin + 12

Steilneset Memorial / Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois, photographed by Andrew Meredith

19:00 - 1 March, 2012
© Andrew Meredith
© Andrew Meredith

In memory of those persecuted in the seventeenth-century Finnmark Witchcraft Trials, the Steilneset Memorial rests along the jagged coastline of the Barents Sea in Vardø, Norway. Photographer Andrew Meredith has shared with us his photo series documenting this masterpiece created by a unique collaboration between the world-famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor (Basel, 1943) and the influential contemporary artist Louise Bourgeois (Paris, 1911-2010).

Zumthor simply describes his collaboration with Bourgeois in an interview with ArtInfo as the following, “I had my idea, I sent it to her, she liked it, and she came up with her idea, reacted to my idea, then I offered to abandon my idea and to do only hers, and she said, ‘No, please stay.’ So, the result is really about two things — there is a line, which is mine, and a dot, which is hers… Louise’s installation is more about the burning and the aggression, and my installation is more about the life and the emotions .”

Continue reading to view the photographs and learn more about the Steilneset Memorial.

© Andrew Meredith © Andrew Meredith © Andrew Meredith © Andrew Meredith + 31