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postcommodities... architecture after stuff

One person’s wishlist is already another person’s problem. Prime Day is cruel and you can’t afford the bag your culture is printed on. This persistent materialism is contributing to social inequity and climate crisis alike and from quarries to distribution centers to construction methods, architecture is implicated at all scales of this material overproduction.

John Dinkeloo Memorial Lecture: Leong Leong

The 2021 John Dinkeloo Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Leong Leong Founding Partners, Christopher Leong and Dominic Leong.

Raoul Wallenberg Lecture: f-architecture

feminist architecture collaborative (f-architecture) is a three-woman* architectural research enterprise aimed at disentangling the contemporary spatial politics of bodies, intimately and globally. Their projects traverse theoretical and material registers to locate new forms of architectural work through critical relationships with collaborators across continents and an expanding definition of Designer. They think, write, and design about blood, teenage dreaming, sovereignty, fakeness, and protest—among other supposedly extra-disciplinary fixations.