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House 261 / Babau Bureau

15:00 - 22 February, 2016
House 261 / Babau Bureau, © Filippo La Duca
© Filippo La Duca

© Filippo La Duca © Filippo La Duca © Filippo La Duca © Filippo La Duca + 20

  • Architects

  • Location

    Belluno, Italy
  • Category

  • Architect in Charge

    Stefano Tornieri, Massimo Triches
  • Volume

    1106 mc
  • Area

    1106.0 sqm
  • Project Year

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Venice Biennale 2012: Architecture Dolomiti Pavilion

19:00 - 8 August, 2012
Courtesy of Dolomiti Architetture
Courtesy of Dolomiti Architetture

Although the city is seen as a place of meetings and exchanges, many urban centers have become over-saturated with cars and car parks. This phenomenon has created a series of “non-places” that have claimed “common areas” from city dwellers. Occupying a space no larger than a typical parking spot, the Architettura Dolomiti Pavilion reflects on David Chipperfield’s “Common Ground” theme and explores ways on how to exploit these common areas currently occupied by parking places. This wooden pavilion reinterprets and reintroduces the “larin” – a traditional space found in the rural houses of Belluno where the family meets to eat, drink and share stories – in an effort to create an intimate space within the city that offers an escape and an opportunity for interaction amongst city dwellers. With this pavilion, Dolomiti Architetture explores the possibilities of “a new life free from cars” within the city center that also reflects their values of environmental sustainability by using disassemblability techniques, recycling methods and renewable raw materials.

The Architecture Dolomiti Pavilion is currently being occupied by the city dwellers of Belluno, Italy. Continue reading for the architects’ description.