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Aluminum Doors - TITANE 65 | Technal

  • Use

    Aluminum Doors with thermal performances
  • Applications

    Comercial buildings, corporate buildings, banks, government buildings, service stations, schools and colleges, administrative buildings, apartment entrances, department stores.
  • Characteristics

    Module 65 mm, Heavy use, Large versions, Ease of maintenance, Withstands common vandalism, Great weathertightness, Greater security, Frontage or façade integration, Ease of installation Thermal performance.
  • Sizes

    3m x 1.4 m

Supplementary Files

More about this product

Made from a 65 mm module, the TITANE thermal break door by Technal, is fitted with a high-resistance hinge system: stainless steel pivot fully integrated into the door module.

The TITANE door aesthetic is meticulously prepared: straight and refined lines, no visible lift-off hinges, hidden hinges, and door spring flush mounted in the opener transom. It becomes the cornerstone for building projects that stand the test of time.
Its solid and secure appearance coexists with fine lines and gives prominence to small details.

Greatest is measured in the details.

Technal take special attention for every detail, which is why the natural harmony among the elements emerges spontaneously.

The Technal door, TITANE 65, is a heavy-duty door. It means the design is made for a frequent use in public spaces.
As a result, the door responds to a very high opening cycle, and have a long service life in continuous use. With resistance (opening/ closing), tested to up to 3 million cycles.

Security is enhanced by integrating vital functions such as the security bolt, the door spring, the locks and the electro-magnetic closures.

All these components are concealed in the door to enhance its aesthetic character, but also to avoid any risk of common vandalism. The control system integrated in the leaf and frame.

1st level: all the doors come with standard security
2nd level: an anti-finger-trapping system (interior or interior and exterior)

- After-sales intervention without door removal
- Access control by electro-magnetic closure coupled to a lock
- Break-in delay, level 2 and 3 resistance level for greater security
- Level 1 or 2 anti-finger trap version
- Frontage or façade integration
- Assembly with or without a threshold for buildings frequented by persons with reduced mobility
- Integrated components for completely smooth and homogeneous feel
- Straight and even sections providing an elegant and robust appearance
- Ease of maintenance: Interchangeability of certain components without removing the door

- 1 leaf – 2 leaves inward opening
- 1 leaf – 2 leaves outward opening
- Composition with fixed laterals or upper
- Integration in GEODE or SPINAL façade
- High thermal performances: Uw = 0.95 W/m².K, TLw = 0.54, Sw = 0.40 (triple glazed Ug = 0.5 W/m².K) opening frame with H x L = 3 x 1.4 m
- Larges dimensions: Up to 3 m high and 1.4 m wide
- Durability and reliability: Endurance test of more than 1 million cycles (current) under extreme load of 250 kg
- More than 200,000 test cycles for the lock version

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