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Metallo® Finish | Decoustics

  • Use

    Ceilings, walls
  • Applications

    Airports, arenas, hospitals, restaurants, universities, offices, lobbies, auditoriums, hotels
  • Characteristics

    Exhibits a contemporary metallic (sparkle) finished appearance, supplied in copper or silver finish

More about this product

Decoustics Metallo® is a coated finish that is specifically formulated to provide acoustical transparency and exhibits a contemporary metallic (sparkle) finished appearance.

Standard Metallo® finish is supplied in copper or silver finish. Custom colors can be specified.


- Panel size: 48" x 72" (1220mm x 1830mm) is the largest size recommended by Decoustics. Panels larger than this are susceptible to coating damage during handling and installation.
- Do not paint the face of the panel. Painting will significantly reduce acoustical absorption, will mask the metallic look, and may also affect fire performance and panel finish integrity.
- The Decoustics Metallo® finish itself cannot be field applied. The finish is factory applied in a strictly controlled environment and method, however, small scratches or blemishes may be repaired in the field.

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