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Trespa Pura NFC® Sidings | Trespa

  • Use

    Façade cladding
  • Applications

    Residential projects, schools, shops, banks, restaurants, offices, bars
  • Characteristics

    Prefinished planks, high scratch and impact resistance, allows flush, lap and vertical siding, highly weather resistant, no need to paint, easy to clean
  • Certification

    Certified according to the PEFC standard
  • Guarantee

    10 years (includes color stability)

More about this product

Trespa Pura NFC® is a versatile solution for most siding projects. The beauty of the material can benefit other areas of the building like fascias and dormers. Using variations in lengths, colors and styles can help to protect and enhance the appearance of buildings’ façade. Trespa Pura NFC® is an excellent answer for both innovative and traditional ventilated façade projects.

Trespa Pura NFC® cladding is made from up to 70% natural fibers, which are sourced from sustainable forests. The collection gives maximum design freedom and a long lasting, beautiful finish.

Features and Benefits

- Prefinished planks: no need to cut or router, the planks are ready to use.
- Easily installed
- Solid and sturdy: high scratch and impact resistance guarantees hassle-free installation.
- No need to paint
- Easy to clean
- 10-year guarantee: conditional product guarantee which includes color stability.
- Ventilated façades: a continuous airflow draws air through the cavity, aiding in the removal of heat and moisture from rain or condensation. The dry and comfortable conditions of the building may also have a positive contribution to the indoor environment.

Get your samples here:
For more information about Trespa Pura NFC®, visit Trespa's page in Materials or go to Trespa's website. For technical information please visit

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