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Laminated Glass - Pyrobel | GGI

  • Use

    Door and framing systems, interior transparent walls
  • Applications

    Residential, office buldings
  • Characteristics

    Fire resistant glass (blocks the transmittance of deadly heat), sound reduction properties, high-performance metal finishes for lifetime durability, case distribution available
  • Guarantee

    5 years

More about this product

Pyrobel 45,60,90, and 120 is laminated fire resistant glass manufactured by AGC, and fabricated by GGI.

Pyrobel glass has multiple intumescent interlayers to provide safe passage by blocking the transmittance of deadly heat. Advanced interlayer technology eliminates obtrusive black spacers and secondary seals found on gel-filled units, allowing for virtually clear-edge butt-glazing similar to non-rated glazing.

All versions of Pyrobel glass offer exceptional sound reduction and light transmission, a perfect choice for interior transparent wall assemblies separating busy corridors and gathering spaces from private offices and meeting rooms.

Pyrobel laminated glass can be combined with any of GGI’s decorative glass options, any ballistic or high-impact resistant glazing, or any energy performance enhancing glazing chosen for use in non-rated assemblies, insuring uniformity throughout the building. Pyrobel glass is listed for use in door and framing systems available from GGI to insure compliance with applicable building codes and tested performance.

GGI Pyrobel Laminated Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Rated Glass

Pyrobel fire resistant glass protects against the threat of deadly radiant heat from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. Its interlayer technology eliminates unsightly black spacers and secondary seals found in gel-filled units. This allows for virtually clear-edge butt-glazing similar to non-rated glazing. Pyrobel’s interlayers have about 40% less water content than gel interlayers, ensuring optical stability even at extreme temperatures down to -400 and up to 1220 F (-400 – 500 C ). Pyrobel is listed in both the USA and Canada by Intertek and UL in accordance with UL 263 and ASTM E 119 with hose stream.

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