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Bike Lockers | Reliance Foundry

  • Use

    Bike parking
  • Applications

    Retail, hospitality, landscaping, corporate, public services, parks, parking lots, residences
  • Characteristics

    Bike lockers come pre-assembled and are easy to install and move if needed. They are made from heavy-duty plastic designed to withstand high impact, prying devise, or other attempts at theft or vandalism. The unique wedge design allows for lockers to be configured to fit any space.

More about this product

Bike lockers provide the most secure parking for cyclists. They protect bikes and cycling accessories from theft, vandalism, and the elements with a simple padlock locking mechanism. Reliance Foundry's bike lockers are easy to install on any surface, and are wedge-shaped to be space efficient. Lockers can be interlocked to create circular or straight-line configurations.

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