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Flexible Bollards | Reliance Foundry

  • Use

    Security, visual deterrent
  • Applications

    Retail, hospitality, landscaping, corporate, public services, parks, parking lots
  • Characteristics

    Flexible bollards are intended to provide a visual deterrent to drivers without causing damage to vehicles. In the event of a collision, flexible bollards are designed to repeatedly bend up to 90 degrees without sustaining any permanent deformation or damage. Fixed or removable installation options are available.

More about this product

Reliance Foundry's flexible bollards offer a strong visual deterrent to drivers, but are designed to avoid costly repairs by minimizing damage to vehicles and themselves. Designed to bend up to 90 degrees under vehicles without permanently deforming, flexible bollards can withstand multiple impacts and deformations. Unlike a standard traffic cone, bollards are much more visible to drivers and cannot be moved out of the way.

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