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Collapsible Bollards | Reliance Foundry

  • Use

    Security, access control
  • Applications

    Retail, hospitality, landscaping, corporate, public services, parks, parking lots
  • Characteristics

    Collapsible or fold-down bollards are available in steel or stainless steel and are easy to adjust and lock into an upright or folded-down position. Collapsible bollards can be mounted into new or existing concrete and do not require additional storage space.

More about this product

Reliance Foundry's collapsible bollards can be folded down to temporarily allow access to certain areas, or remain extended to prevent vehicle entry to restricted locations. The posts are easily adjusted to upright or folded-down positions, and do not require additional storage areas. Collapsible bollards are made from steel and can be powder-coated to ensure lasting functionality.

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