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Acoustic Panels - Wave | Troldtekt

  • Use

    Ceiling and wall paneling
  • Applications

    Schools & educational buildings, cultural institutions, kindergartens & day care centers, office buildings & shops, private homes & housing, sport facilities, hotels & restaurants, health & care institutions
  • Characteristics

    Cement-bonded wood wool panels, sound absorbing, allergy friendly and healthy indoor climate, documented sustainability, effective fire protection, natural strength, flexible design solutions , available both as single and two-layer panel, Green Product Award 2015, ICONIC Award 2015 and German Design Award 2016 winner
  • Format

  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle® Silver certificate

More about this product

Troldtekt wave is a wave-shaped acoustic panel which gives wall and ceiling surfaces a sculptural, three-dimensional look. The varied undulating waves create a sense of movement in the surface while emphasising the material’s honesty and simplicity.

Troldtekt wave acoustic panels can be installed in repetitive patterns, horizontally or vertically, in stretcher bond or stack bond, enabling the architect to design his or her own three-dimensional surface for the sound-absorbing wall or ceiling surface.

Troldtekt wave is part of the Troldtekt range, offering offering the same outstanding acoustic, fire-protective and indoor climate properties as the classic Troldtekt acoustic panels. Troldtekt wave also has a sounddiffusion effect.

Troldtekt wave has been recognized with the Green Product Award 2015, ICONIC Award 2015 and German Design Award 2016.

Learn more about Troldtekt® acoustic panels on this product page or at

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