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Acoustic Panels - Mosaic | Troldtekt

  • Use

    Ceiling and wall paneling
  • Applications

    Schools & educational buildings, cultural institutions, kindergartens & day care centers, office buildings & shops, private homes & housing, sport facilities, hotels & restaurants, health & care institutions
  • Characteristics

    Cement-bonded wood wool panels, sound absorbing, allergy friendly and healthy indoor climate, documented sustainability, effective fire protection, natural strength, flexible design solutions , available both as single and two-layer panel
  • Format

  • Sizes

    200x600 mm, 300x600 mm, 400x600 mm, 600x600 mm
  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle® Silver certificate

More about this product

Troldtekt mosaic is Troldtekt acoustic panels in varying panel sizes designed in a selection of Troldtekt standard colours. Troldtekt mosaic allows the architect to give a wall a distinctive graphic look. With Cradle to Cradle-certified painted Troldtekt acoustic panels in varying panel widths, the architect has a largely free hand to produce unique designs.

Factory-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels come in all NCS or RAL colours, and all standard colours are Cradle to Cradle-certified in the silver category.

Troldtekt mosaic is part of the Troldtekt range, offering the same outstanding acoustic, fire-protective and indoor climate properties as the classic Troldtekt acoustic panels.

Learn more about Troldtekt® acoustic panels on this product page or at

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