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Acoustic Panels | Troldtekt

  • Use

    Ceiling and wall paneling
  • Applications

    Schools & educational buildings, cultural institutions, kindergartens & day care centers, office buildings & shops, private homes & housing, sport facilities, hotels & restaurants, health & care institutions
  • Characteristics

    Cement-bonded wood wool panels, sound absorbing, allergy friendly and healthy indoor climate, documented sustainability, effective fire protection, natural strength, flexible design solutions , available both as single and two-layer panel
  • Format

  • Colors

    Standard colours: Natural wood, natural grey, white 101, grey 202, grey 208, black 207 and red 210 Also available in all NCS and RAL colours to order.
  • Sizes

    600x600 mm, 600x1200 mm, 600x2000 mm, 600x2400 mm
  • Certification

    Cradle to Cradle® Silver certificate

More about this product

Troldtekt acoustic panels are high performance cement-bonded wood wool panels made using nature's own materials – wood and cement. The combination of wood and cement creates Troldtekt's unique sound absorbing properties, ensuring good acoustics in any room. The material has a natural resilience and can handle moist environments, while also providing effective fire protection.

Troldtek panels are a natural product with documented sustainability throughout its entire life cycle. Troldtekt has qualified for Cradle to Cradle certification in the silver category, and the certification covers the entire series of Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool products. The certification covers acoustic panels, natural and in standard painted colours.

Features and Benefits

  • Acoustic properties. The combination of wood and cement gives the panels a unique surface structure which absorbs sound and reduces reverberation time in a room.
  • Healthy indoor climate. Troldtekt panels are a natural, breathable material which can absorb and release moisture. The acoustic panels are allergy friendly and have achieved leading Danish and international indoor climate certifications.
  • Documented sustainability. Troldtekt panels are sustainable throughout the entire product life cycle. The acoustic panels are made exclusively from nature's own materials, are produced under minimal environmental impact, and can return to nature as compost.
  • Effective fire protection. The wood wool in Troldtekt panels is encased in cement and the panels therefore have low flammability.
  • Natural strength. Troldtekt panels combine the strength of cement with the flexibility of wood, and have a lifetime of at least 75 years. They are a rugged, durable material, even when subject to moisture or ball impacts. The cement gives the acoustic panels their stable shape and moisture tolerance, while the wood ensures they are easy to work with and suitable for screw installation.
  • Flexible design solutions. The characteristic surface structure gives Troldtekt panels their unique expression. Lighting and speakers can be combined and integrated in a complete ceiling.


Natural raw materials

  • Wood: the wood used in Troldtekt is certified Norway spruce from local forests in Denmark. By using certified wood, it is guaranteed that the wood can be traced back to responsible forestry operations.
  • Cement: the production of Troldtekt panels uses only cement from Aalborg Portland A/S, which extracts the raw materials from the Danish bedrock with minimal environmental impact.


The characteristic Troldtekt structure derives from the thickness of the wood wool. Troldtekt panels are available in extreme fine, ultrafine, fine and coarse structures.


Troldtekt is produced from either white or grey Portland cement and in its natural form, it is available in two variants; natural wood and natural grey.
Troldtekt panels require no further surface treatment, but can be supplied spray-painted with water-based paint in the following standard colours: white 101, grey 202, grey 208, black 207 and red 210. Furthermore, Troldtekt panels can be supplied in all NCS and RAL colours to order.


Troldtekt is the classic acoustic panel, used as ceiling and wall cladding in all types of buildings. The Troldtekt acoustic panels are available both as single and two-layer panels.
Troldtekt Plus is the two-layer acoustic panel, which is available with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool. Troldtekt and Troldtekt Plus are available in the following dimensions:



Troldtekt acoustic panels are installed directly on wooden battens on ceilings and walls, or in profile systems as suspended ceilings. It is important that the Troldtekt panels are allowed to acclimatise prior to installation. Troldtekt Plus, the two-layer acoustic panels, are ideal for the refurbishment of existing ceilings and for suspended and floating ceilings. The two-layer panels save construction time, since the acoustic ceiling and the backing layer can be installed in one and the same workflow.
The Troldtekt series includes specially designed screws and brackets and profile systems for suspended ceilings, with concealed or visible profiles.


Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified

Troldtekt A/S’ business strategy is based on the Cradle to Cradle vision of creating healthy products which benefit human health and the environment, and which can be incorporated into the natural cycle without wasting resources. Consequently, Troldtekt is fully focused on sustainability throughout the life cycle of its products, from the extraction of raw materials and production to the use and reuse of the used acoustic panels.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are Cradle to Cradle-certified in the silver category. The certification covers the full product portfolio of Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood, natural grey and painted in the standard colours.

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