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In-wall and ceiling speakers | Troldtekt

  • Use

    For integration in Troldtekt® acoustic ceiling and wall panels
  • Applications

    Schools & educational buildings, cultural institutions, kindergartens & day care centers, office buildings & shops, private homes & housing, sport facilities, hotels & restaurants, health & care institutions
  • Characteristics

    Built into and concealed in the Troldtekt acoustic panels, acoustic spread over 170 degrees by speaker,

More about this product

You cannot see that Troldtekt speakers are built into the ceiling, but you can hear them. With traditional, visible, speaker systems in ceilings, the sound is emitted from a few points, often resulting in the experience of high sound pressure close to the speakers which quickly attenuates, becoming weak in the remote corners. It is essential for a good sound experience that the sound reaches every corner.

A Troldtekt speaker is an acoustic panel with a specially developed NXT panel, which is a flat speaker unit, built in and concealed on the back of the acoustic panel. The sound waves pass through the Troldtekt panel and are distributed evenly throughout the room. Each speaker has an acoustic spread of over 170 degrees, covering a larger area than a traditional speaker.

Sound experience

Troldtekt panels ensure optimal acoustics in the room, so sound from the speakers is clear and intelligible with no disruptive reverberation, whether you install them in the ceiling or on the wall. They can be used on their own, but optimum sound quality is achieved through simultaneous use of a Troldtekt subwoofer. With a height of only 170 mm, including cable, the flat Troldtekt subwoofer can be used as a stand-alone unit, e.g. under furniture, or it can be concealed behind the ceiling.

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