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Lighting accessories for acoustic ceilings | Troldtekt

  • Use

    For integration in Troldtekt® acoustic ceiling and wall panels
  • Applications

    Schools & educational buildings, cultural institutions, kindergartens & day care centers, office buildings & shops, private homes & housing, sport facilities, hotels & restaurants, health & care institutions
  • Characteristics

    Designed by Cubo Architects, undulating glass recessed lights, available with LED light sources, integrated to the ceiling suspension system

More about this product

Troldtekt Wave lighting series was designed by the Danish Cubo Architects and is characterised by undulating glass that offers a unique design and optimum light distribution without glare. All fixtures in the series are recessed, so that only the glass floats below the ceiling surface and the lighting is harmoniously integrated.
The longitudinal fixtures in the series form an integrated part of the suspension system for acoustic panels, and can be installed as a continuous light channel in the ceiling.

The Troldtekt lighting series comprise the following built-in fixtures which are all also available with LED light sources:


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