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Claro® Acoustical Panels | Decoustics

This product is no longer available on ArchDaily.

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  • Use

    Interior Ceilings and Walls
  • Applications

    Airports, arenas, hospitals, restaurants, universities, offices, lobbies, auditoriums, hotels
  • Characteristics

    Pre-curved and custom engineered to attain a wide range of shapes, metal edge, NRC Values of up to 0.9, fire rated Class A, certified for high seismicity, weights 1.05 psf (5.15 kg/m2), vapor barrier option for ceiling applications, 7 suspension systems
  • Colors

    Can be matched to any pantone or paint chip. Product is also available in metallic (sparkling) finish. See Decoustics Metallo® for more information.
  • Sizes

    Largest panel size recommended by Decoustics is 5’ x 10’. Consult for larger size availability for specific applications.
  • Certification

    Green Circle Certified®
  • Guarantee

    2 years

More about this product

Decoustics Claro® is an acoustically transparent finish that mimics the appearance of drywall/plaster. It can be colored to match any paint chip. Claro® is ideal for areas where indirect lighting is required with up to 94% light reflectance on the standard white (CSW-100). The finish is applied to the face and edge of the panels to create a monolithic appearance. Decoustics Claro® custom acoustical coating can be used in both ceiling and wall applications above head height.

Features and Benefits

Superior acoustics
Excellent acoustic performance is a vital aspect of any space. Claro® acoustic panels attain Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) values of up to 0.9, and thus provide exceptional sound control.

Decoustics not only obtained component certification, but assembly approval for Claro® achieving Class A rating based on third party ASTM E84 testing on finished panels (composite test). This test result guarantees the lowest level of flame spread in case of an emergency. Claro® is also certified for high seismicity, which makes it a safe and reliable choice for all applications.

Ease and flexibility
Realizing complex design intent while retaining functionality can be a challenging task. Decoustics delivers both through full service project management and top of the line product. Claro® acoustic panels are fully engineered for a precise fit and delivered on-site ready for installation.

Full accessibility
For added flexibility in your design, Claro® panels can be integrated into Decoustics suspension and mounting systems, including Decoustics 100% downward accessible Ceilencio® system. Customizable Ceilencio® grid utilizes a unique torsion spring mechanism which permits individual panels to be "hinged" down for easy access to mechanical and electrical services.

Claro® finished panels are manufactured from up to 57% postindustrial recycled content, making them an effective solution for LEED accreditation and green building solutions.

Installation and Accessibility
- Decoustics offers 7 installation systems: Ceilencio®, direct mounting/suspension, reveal mounting/suspension, span, coffer, s-shaped, design return, custom engineered mounting and suspension solutions.
- Prior to panel installation, the site must be free of all wet and dusty trades and the climatic conditions stabilized to normal operational levels.
- Panels shall be allowed to stabilize on site 24 hours prior to installation.
- Claro® is a directional product. Install product by utilizing the directional arrows on the back of each panel. If not done correctly, a checkered pattern may result.

This product is no longer available on ArchDaily.

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