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Integrated Doors in Portland Residential Project | Centor

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Custom-designed house in Portland

For the first ‘proper house’ they’ve ever owned together, Justin and Heather have created an exceptional home near Portland. They loved the plot as soon as they saw it – surrounded by mature evergreen trees and adjacent to an area of woodland. They quickly realized its potential to capture the idea of a beautiful open space that helps them to feel connected with the natural world around them.

The couple designed and built their home from the ground up, working closely with local firm Olsen Group Architects. The couple walked into their first meeting with a 138-page Keynote presentation of design inspiration and things they like to see in a home. The large glazed doors were a big piece of that research.

Integrated Doors

The couple had challenged their builder to meet an exacting list of requirements. They wanted doors with a screen, which ideally provides some shade; they wanted the doors to be fully open and operational; the doors also had to survive the rigors of the Pacific Northwest winter, and they also wanted a smooth transition between inside and outside floor levels.

Centor Integrated Folding Doors meet and exceed those requirements. They offer an easy, flush transition, are weatherproofing and have the built-in screen and also shade, so they didn’t have to compromise on an unsightly secondary system. Because of the height of the glass, Justin and Heather wanted to have slim frames and stiles for as few visual distractions as possible. So they chose Centor doors.

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