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Aluminum Curtain Walling - SPINAL | Technal

  • Use

    Creative curtain walls
  • Applications

    Tertiary, new or renovated buildings
  • Characteristics

    Provides thermal and acoustic comfort, controls solar gain, 40% less greenhouse gas emissions than average buildings, double skin, Ucw = 0.61 W/m²k
  • Sizes

    Glazed surfaces can reach L. 3 x H. 4 m (up to 12 m²)
  • Certification

    Passive House certified in the high thermal insulation version: (glazing Ug = 0.5)

More about this product

The new SPINAL curtain walling showcases all the expertise of the Technal brand combining aesthetics, large sizes and interior comfort. With a design based on a 62 mm module and a specific assembly system, the SPINAL façade maximizes the possibilities for tertiary, new or renovated buildings. Its large glazed surfaces can reach L. 3 x H. 4 m, i.e. a surface area of 12 m².
This transparent envelope blends with wide and diversified applications to fulfil all the creative desires of the architects.

Performance and aesthetics at the service of creativity

  • Large dimensions. The 62 mm SPINAL structure allows for maximized glazed surfaces of up 12 m² and weighing up to 680 kg.
  • Versatility. A multitude of external effects can be achieved using covers, frames asymmetry and curved construction techniques to meet all requests.
  • Creativity. The fixing plate is an integral part of SPINAL curtain walling. It allows for the installation of external elements such as brise-soleil and stretched canvases, whilst providing thermal and acoustic comfort and controlling solar gain.

Even more comfort

  • Progressive. SPINAL meets energy consumption reduction requirements. Compatible with Technical Building Management (TBM) systems, the curtain walling optimizes the well-being of occupants all year round and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - 40% of which are currently produced by buildings.
  • Bioclimatic. All visual effects are made possible thanks to the easy integration of a double skin combining technology and aesthetics and which represents a true link to the outside world. Thanks to the double skin, it’s possible to design bioclimatic buildings with a buffer space between the façade and the outer wall. This interactivity gives free rein to the most ambitious architectural projects.
  • Certified. In the high insulation version, SPINAL curtain walling also offers Passive House performances and has been developed to meet earthquake resistance requirements.
  • Openings. The curtain walling can be combined with the SOLEAL range (windows and doors) and TITANE doors, or with concealed parallel or top-hung opening frames.

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