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Aluminum Folding Doors - AMBIAL | Technal

  • Use

    Exterior doors
  • Applications

    Can be adapted to meet all requirements
  • Characteristics

    Folding sliding door, up to 10 leaves, high thermal performance, visual homogeneity when closed, concealed screws and magnetic stops, same size glazing, folding pull handle for ease of closure, wide selection of opening configurations, can open inwards or outwards, from the centre or from one side
  • Sizes

    Large sizes up to: W 1.2m x H 3m per leaf

More about this product

Technal's AMBIAL folding door creates a full opening to the outdoor, allowing to enjoy a panoramic view, letting natural light flowing in.

High performance
AMBIAL, the folding sliding door, can accommodate up to 10 leaves, each with a maximum height of 3 m and a maximum width of 1.2 m, allowing an opening 12 m wide. Each leaf, supported by exclusive Technal tracks, can bear a weight of up to 150 kg whilst providing high thermal performances, water and wind resistance.

Sleek design
The finishes have been carefully designed down to the finest detail to offer visual harmony in both closed and open position. The profiles are flush and the visible elements are subtle and wellbalanced. The screws are concealed with black caps to ensure the homogeneity of the frame when open.

Wide selection of configurations
Open-in, open-out, central or side opening configurations, AMBIAL can be adapted to meet all requirements and
encourages architectural creativity: villas, architectbuilt houses, house extensions, hotel or restaurant terraces...


  • 75 mm module
  • 2 heights of opening frame possible: 63 mm as standard, 73 mm reinforced version for large openings
  • 3-point locking system with insulated key lock
  • Threshold: standard double brush seal, can be recessed for disabled access threshold, rebate profile for enhanced performance

Large dimensions

  • Large sizes up to: W 1.2 m x H 3 m per leaf
  • Weight: up to 150 kg per leaf
  • Infill from 9 to 52 mm

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