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Fabricoil™ Ceiling Treatment Systems | Cascade Architectural

  • Use

    Tensioned panels, framed panels, drapery, contoured, curved panels
  • Applications

    Ceiling treatment, divider/partition, exhibit, safety screen/barrier, security gates, wall covering, window treatment
  • Characteristics

    Transparent, Durable, Flexible, Recyclable, Made in USA, Formable, Metal Mesh, Metallic
  • Format

    Metal Mesh, Coiled Wire Fabric, Metal Fabric, Metallic Fabric
  • Colors

    Standard and custom finishes available
  • Sizes

    All orders custom made to size
  • Certification

    Living Building Challenge

More about this product

Cascade Architectural provides engineered coiled wire fabric systems for use in interior and exterior commercial applications. Fabricoil™ is a material that ignites the imagination of architects and designers.


  • Looks like traditional woven metal mesh and performs like woven metal mesh
  • Provides color and texture
  • Reacts beautifully to light
  • Flexible and formable
  • More affordable than traditional mesh

This affordability lets architects and designers flex their creativity, creating signature interiors and exteriors, and turning projects with even very modest budgets into something special.

Simultaneously open and closed, panels of Fabricoil™ perform myriad functions in virtually any application. Compared to traditional woven metal mesh, Fabricoil™ gives you far greater design flexibility to meet your specific vision, functional requirements, and budget. You choose the material, gauge, color, coating/finish, weave thickness, open area and engineered attachment system that meets your design requirements.

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