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GuardianCoil® Security Systems | Cascade Architectural

  • Use

    Partitioning spaces and securing facilities
  • Applications

    New construction and retrofit applications, area reduction or section closures in restaurants, conference rooms and educational facilities, storefront closures in retail centers, airports, convention centers and public spaces, supply closets and display windows
  • Characteristics

    Custom manufactured, intermediate foot bolts, locks, and vertical intermediate channels, 100% recyclable, fireproof, acoustically transparent,made in the USA

More about this product

Perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications, Cascade Architectural's GuardianCoil® security systems come complete with engineered attachment systems and variable components. Intermediate foot bolts, locks, and vertical intermediate channels allow design flexibility and fulfill the specific security needs for each project. Made in the USA and 100% recyclable, GuardianCoil's quality and price point provide value unmatched by traditional security systems. Secure your project and protect your budget with GuardianCoil®.

Features and Benefits

  • Utilizing coiled wire fabric, GuardianCoil® security systems are custom manufactured to meet the individual needs of your project.
  • These security systems are lighter than traditional security systems and have reduced structural support requirements reducing engineering and construction costs.
  • Besides being fireproof, the durable coiled wire fabric provides unrestricted HVAC airflow.
  • The woven panels are acoustically transparent and allow signage, media, products and advertisements to remain visible while secured.

Materials & Finishes

GuardianCoil® is manufactured in the USA from a wide range of metal wire materials and gauges. Material and gauge impacts weight, functionality, aesthetics, and suitability for security applications. Wire material and gauge are selected based on the needs of your GuardianCoil® application.


All GuardianCoil® weaves share the same fundamental geometry, created by interlocking individual strands of spiraled wire. What varies widely is GuardianCoil's scale. The weave you select impacts the material's percentage of open area (from 40% to 85%), textured appearance, thickness (from 5/16" to 1/2"), wire gauge (from 14 to 18), and ultimate strength.


GuardianCoil's wide variety of standard finishes will address all of your functional and aesthetic requirements. Most finishes are metallic wires with low-VOC acrylic clear lacquer coatings to preserve wire in its natural form. For added protection, powder-coated finishes are available for specialty exterior and interior architectural applications using larger stainless steel and aluminum weaves. Kynar coatings and anodized finishes for larger aluminum weaves are also available for specialty applications. Coatings are expertly applied in-house where quality is tightly controlled.

Available in a variety of weave sizes and finishes with powder coated track and hardware standard, GuardianCoil® security systems are the perfect solution to help you create beautiful secured spaces in any project.

Architectural Wire Mesh - EGLA-MONO 5001


Architectural Mesh - DETENTION 7016