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Panel Fabrics | Designtex

  • Use

    Interior walls and partitions
  • Applications

    All contract markets
  • Characteristics

    Textured weaves, understated patterns, origami-inspired three-dimensional forms
  • Guarantee

    Panel Fabrics: 10 years / Panel Fabrics Digitally Printed: 5 years

More about this product

Designtex’s vertical surface offerings range from all-occasion classics to innovative stand-outs. At one end of the spectrum are textured weaves with a range of tones and surface qualities, and understated patterns created from varied stitching effects.

At the other end of the spectrum of Designtex panel fabrics are designs such as Chiyogami and Kabuto (Origami Collection), which are woven with an exclusive production and finishing process to create their distinctive origami-inspired forms. The unique method of shaping the pleats results in a three-dimensional textile with striking structural qualities, accentuated by the play of light and shadow. The crisp lines that define the angled surfaces are highlighted by color accents, giving the fabrics a dramatic three-dimensional effect that evokes the art of traditional Japanese paper folding.

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