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Digital Printing Programs - Surface Imaging | Designtex

  • Use

    Magnetics, rigids, textiles, wallcoverings, window films
  • Applications

    Architectural details, wall and ceiling panels, screens and dividers, exhibits and displays, murals and graphics, signage
  • Characteristics

    Large format digital printing and customizable designs
  • Guarantee

    1 year (unless otherwise specified in project details)

More about this product

Operating out of a state-of-the-art, 26.000-square-foot facility in Portland, Maine, Designtex’s Surface Imaging division is comprised of an expert team of artists, technologists and craftspeople working together to create beautiful, engaging and one-of-a-kind environments. These immersive spaces offer solutions to common challenges facing clients—fostering a sense of increased well-being and facilitating positive distraction, increasing employee engagement and retention and promoting organizational culture.

Ranging from the “off-the-rack” patterns of the By the Yard offerings, to the customizable catalogue of designs of the Made to Measure and Portfolio programs, to the complete tailoring experience of the Bespoke program, Surface Imaging has a full spectrum of services to fit various budgets, timelines, and degrees of creative input. While each of our programs offers its own unique qualities, any individual design projecta may draw upon elements from more than one program—utilizing any combination of standard-line, semi-custom, or fully custom elements as appropriate. In other words, Designtex specializes in mixing and matching their various capabilities to develop a tailor-made solution for each project.

Surface Imaging: By the Yard
The diversity of Designtex standard-line By the Yard products represents an eloquent introduction to the wide range of effects available through digital printing technology. The distinctive imagery of these designs juxtaposes large-scale pattern and an unlimited color palette with the subtlety of fine line-work and the rich tactility of textured substrates.

Surface Imaging: Made to Measure
Partnering with leading artists, illustrators, and photographers, the Made to Measure program offers a diverse selection of original designs for wallcovering drops that can be individualized via a carefully formulated set of customization options.

Surface Imaging: Portfolio
The Portfolio program is designed to facilitate the creation of branded environments that eschew graphics in favor of an immersive experience centered around artwork. This program provides an exclusive gallery of artistic assets, well suited for large-scale printing, with aesthetic and technical qualities that exceed standard stock imagery, and an extensive range of customizable features, including a broad selection of substrates.

Surface Imaging: Bespoke
The Bespoke program is the ideal solution when architects and designers seek to create an environment uniquely tailored to a particular organization’s culture, which can only be achieved with a fully custom approach. This program merges the client’s ideas, graphics, logos and imagery with Designtex design, sourcing, color management, printing and fabrication expertise, guiding each project from concept to production.

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