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Acoustics System - Balcony Cladding Panels | Bruag
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Acoustics System - Balcony Cladding Panels | Bruag

  • Use

    Interior/exterior balconies
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Wooden board with polyurethane bonding (without formaldehyde), laser-cut, individual designs possible (send a DXF/DWG file), 70 patterns to choose from
  • Sizes

    Format Raw Material: 6200mm x 2100mm / Maximum Format Industrial Coating: 6180mm x 1300mm / Thickness: 10 or 18mm
  • Certification

    Fire properties: B2, B1 with additional coating

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More about this product

An Acoustics System with Effect

Noise is a daily issue in populated areas. More and more apartments are beings built close to roads and railway lines. This requires the use of efficient noise reduction systems. Bruag’s acoustics solutions for interior and exterior applications provide a reduction in noise pollution. On the one hand, the Bruag cladding systems for balconies reduce the noise from the streets or the railway. On the other hand, conversations held on the balcony cannot be heard by neighbors and pedestrians. The degree of noise reduction achieved by Bruag’s cladding systems has already been tested and its effectiveness has been confirmed: the acoustics panels can reduce noise by over 15%.

Laser Technology

Bruag laser technology offers creative-minded designers maximum flexibility for customization or a choice from about 70 existing designs. New interpretations of historic patterns or completely new ornamentations and perforations that have never previously been seen can be produced in almost any dimension using digital input information (dxf, dwg).


In addition to the flexibility regarding panel shapes, a wide range of colors can be specified. A choice of over 3000 different colors (RAL, NCS S, Bruag Alu, Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier) is available.

Features and Benefits

  • Totally individual forms (incl. perforations and ornaments) possible
  • Very ecological
  • Very good value for money
  • Moisture resistant
  • Surface does not disintegrate
  • The boards are highly resistant to mechanical impact (e.g. hailstones) due to their highly condensed surface
  • Large formats possible without surcharge
  • Large choice of colors
    • NCS S Edition, RAL, Bruag Alu or colors according to le Corbusier
  • Easy to install and dismantle with stainless steel screws

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