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Thermally Fused Laminates - Taction Oak Series | Prism TFL

  • Use

    Interior facing
  • Applications

    Commercial and residential
  • Characteristics

    Laminated panels using embossed in register (EIS) technology
  • Colors

    Alabaster, argento, gibraltar, palomino, kodiak
  • Certification


More about this product

Taction Oak’s embossed in register (EIR) technology offers an exciting opportunity to showcase true-to-life laminated panels. This oak’s natural characteristics are captured and replicated on the plate itself resulting in a finished panel that rivals the look and feel of wood. Offered in five contemporary colors that coordinate with our Accentz series of neutral solid colors, Taction Oak is sure to make a bold design statement.



WF432 Alabaster
Just as Alabaster can be transformed into a variety of objects, this décor also serves as a blank slate of endless creativity. The milky hue can be combined in an array of applications and plays well with a multitude of color combinations. By pairing alongside our black, straight- grained Licorice Groovz décor, and our Sienna grey solid – one can create a perfect light-to-dark color scheme.

WF433 Argento
Argento, derived from the Latin word for silver, is a light grey hue which is well-suited for a variety of spaces. Its neutral-tone is complimented by a wide-range of color schemes and lends an air of quiet elegance to any space. This décor is the perfect balance of both warm and cool greys, making it a breeze to match. It can be easily paired with Prism solids: sophisticated Fossil and toasty Umbra – just to name a few.

WF434 Gibraltar
Just as the rock of Gibraltar symbolizes safety and security, this deep neutral grey decor lends stability to any surrounding. Easy to work with because of its neutrality, this tone is suited for all types of applications. Because it is inherently balanced, it serves as a grounding element to tie a space together. Try combining with our chalky, bleached, Arctic Groovz woodgrain and Ashen for a strong monochromatic combo.

WF435 Palomino
Inspired by the color of a Palomino pony, this versatile tawny brown creates an inviting atmosphere wherever it is used. The warm character can serve as a unifying element to any space it is introduced. The creamy undertones complement lighter and straight-grained designs like our Artic Groovz. The dark pore structure also matches well with Prism solids such as Charcoal.

WF436 Kodiak
This essential deep brown, reminiscent of the rugged Alaskan Kodiak region, offers a refined sensibility to its environment. Depending on the context, this tone can skew rustic or modern… making it a perfect candidate for darker-toned projects where sophistication is needed. When paired with our earthy Umbra solid decor, alongside our Concrete Groovz woodgrain, demureyet- natural interiors are within reach.


- Each of our North American mills are Eco-Certified (ECC) by the Composite Panel Association
- They are also in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB 2) formaldehyde standard
- Our panels are available FSC Certified and qualify for LEED Credits

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