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Rainscreen Cladding System - Modulo | Fundermax
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Rainscreen Cladding System - Modulo | Fundermax

  • Use

    Exterior finishing panel
  • Applications

    Facade sheathing, wall cladding, partition walls
  • Characteristics

    Duromer high-pressure laminates, double hardened acrylic polyurethane resins protective coating, optimal light-fastness, easy to install, easy to clean, static claimable, available in large formats
  • Format

    2800x1300m = 3.64m2 / 110.24“ x 51.18“ = 39.18 sf; 4100x1300m = 5.33m2 / 161.42“ x 51.18“ = 57.37 sf; 2800x1854m = 5.19m2 / 110.24“ x 72.99“ = 55.87 sf; 4100x1854m = 7.60m2 / 161.42“ x 72.99“ = 81.81 sf
  • Certification

    Forest Stewardship Council, Zertifizierungssystem für nachhaltige Waldbewirtschaftung, Conformité Européenne

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More about this product


With the Modulo Rainscreen Cladding system, Fundermax offers panels, mounting systems, and all the necessary accessories from a single source. Thus, you not only efficiently save time with your purchase and installation, but you can also be confident that you will receive impact resistant, attractive, durable and UV resistant panels and accessories with proven Fundermax quality.

MODULO: The concealed fastener, closed joint modern façade system from Fundermax

This modern façade fastening system with high design decor offerings makes it possible to install pre-fabricated panels on a concealed clip system without any open joints vertically or horizontally. The panels can be installed in a stacked bond, running bond or a hybrid of both to create a façade with inspired visual interest. The substructure can be wood or aluminum and can accommodate exterior insulation. Modulo has standard size panels of 24”x48” or 24”x24”. It can also be manufactured and installed in horizontal plank formats from a minimum height of 6 inches to a maximum height of 24 inches and in length to a maximum of 13.5 feet. Please consult Fundermax for specific fastening guidelines.


  • Weather-resistant to EN ISO 4892-2
  • Lightfast acc. to EN ISO 4892-3
  • Double hardened
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Hail resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Impact-resistant to EN ISO 178
  • Suitable for all exterior applications
  • Decorative
  • Self-supporting
  • Bending resistant EN ISO 178
  • Frost resistant -80oC to 180oC (DMTA - OFI 300.128)
  • Heat resistant -80oC to 180oC (DMTA - OFI 300.128)
  • Easy to install


Fundermax exterior panels are the perfect choice for this unique façade system. The panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) designed for exterior applications. They are produced in accordance with EN 436-6 Type EDF under high pressure and temperature. The front and the back panel surfaces are protected with a double hardened acrylic polyurethane resin saturation process. This provides protection to weathering and superior UV resistance, even in the harshest of climates, making it the perfect solution for durable aesthetically appealing façade cladding that will pass the test of time.

Formats (aprox)

2800x1300m = 3.64m2 / 110.24“ x 51.18“ = 39.18 sf
4100x1300m = 5.33m2 / 161.42“ x 51.18“ = 57.37 sf
2800x1854m = 5.19m2 / 110.24“ x 72.99“ = 55.87 sf
4100x1854m = 7.60m2 / 161.42“ x 72.99“ = 81.81 sf

F-Quality, color brown


Panels with double-sided decor:
Formats (production-sizes)
Thickness: 8mm

See also Mounting of Fundermax Modulo - Aluminium substructure and Mounting of Fundermax Modulo - wooden substructure.

For more information about Fundermax's cladding systems contact through our contact/quote button on top, visit Fundermax's page in Materials or visit: http://www.fundermax.at/en/exterior/products/detail/modulo.html

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