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Aluminum Curtain Walling - GEODE | Technal

  • Use

    Creative curtain walls
  • Applications

    Institutional, Commercial, Residential buildings
  • Characteristics

    Aluminium structure with integrated thermal break, concealed opening vents, technically advanced frame system, infills choice (glass, insulated panels, and other types of opaque panels), effective drainage, no need for additional sealants, highly customizable

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More about this product

GEODE is a comprehensive range of curtain walling offering designers high thermal performance to meet even the most demanding building standards, and a wide range of aesthetic options based on a single system.

The variety of curtain walling applications, made possible thanks to the diversity of mullions and transoms, enables designers to vary the external appearance of the building whilst benefitting from the design and installation options of a fully integrated sytem.


- Visual consistency.
Unique aluminium structure for all external appearances. The discreet and consistent 52 mm for the mullions and transoms give a uniform appearance to the entire GEODE range.
- Thermal efficiency. The structure’s integrated thermal break and the possibility of using the highest performance glazing means that the lowest Ucw coefficients can be achieved. Energy consumption for heating, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning is reduced.
- Technically advanced frame system. Highquality components for long-term durability.
- Intelligent design. Designed for high-quality manufacturing and installation.
- Meeting the requirements of each individual project. We offer a selection of mullions up to 260 mm for structural elements and design flexibility to guarantee cost-effectiveness.
- Complete system compatibility. SOLEAL thermal break windows or doors can all be used with GEODE curtain walling for a solution that is tailored to each project.
- Concealed opening vents. These opening frame solutions, which preserve the external appearance of the facade, can be used in multiple open-in or open-out applications.
- Design details. A wide range of external caps for greater aesthetic choice.
- Choice of infills. The system can be used with glass, insulated panels and other types of opaque panels.


- Robust construction. The mullions and transoms are square cut and assembled using a combination of factory-fitted cast face-fixed junction spigots and concealed anti-rotation spigots, or by transom blocks. This strong and easy to build design offers greater accuracy and stability.

- High-quality design. The specially designed fittings used for combining mullions/transoms ensure high-quality connections.

- Cost-effectiveness. All machining operations can be completed using manufacturing tools in order to reduce manufacturing time and costs, and to achieve consistent quality.


- Increased resistance to climatic conditions. Fully injectable, the mullion/transom assembly spigot ensures the precise and controlled injection of sealant to ensure weather tightness. In each drainage zone, EPDM caps, positioned between the thermal isolator and pressure plate, prevent the infiltration of water and avoids the need for additional sealant.

- Effective drainage. A secondary mullion drainage system enhances weather performance and quality. The system is zone drained and pressure equalised to ensure optimum performance and effective drainage in the most demanding environments.

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